Top 5 Best Home Theater Projector Under 500 In 2021

Today, we are going to discuss Best Home Theater Projector Under 500. The home theater projector market is enriched with remarkably notable features like picture quality, easy portability, built-in speakers, and built-in WiFi for streaming Netflix, Youtube, and beyond.

However, the projector market offers several different ways to enjoy the best movie experience. In this article, we have analyzed the most popular brands with the latest and most classic models to bring you the best home theater projector under 500.

At the same time, we’re refining the best projectors with remarkable features and high-quality performance on a budget of $ 500.

Things To Consider When Buying A Home Theater Projector:

DLP or digital light processing projectors and LCD projectors are lamp-based, so the light bulb may deteriorate. However, they are much cheaper than laser projectors. DLPs tend to be smaller and more portable and offer more contrast and blacker blacks.

LCD screens tend to have a sharper image and appear brighter than DLPs even at lower lumens. Projectors with a laser source are not lamp-based and therefore require less maintenance.

On average, the laser lasts five times longer than a light bulb. And unlike a lamp projector, where a light bulb emits light through a color wheel to create the image, laser projectors only produce the exact colors needed in an image. This efficiency enables a much brighter picture and very precise colors as well as deep black levels and contrasts.

However, all of this comes at a much higher cost. Low-end laser projectors are generally inexpensive. Other factors to consider are:

Screen Or No Screen:

The surface you are projecting on is important. You can use a wall. However white background is the best, but it doesn’t show the best of the projector. Each small pump breaks light and creates small shadows so that the picture ultimately loses quality and brightness.

You will benefit a lot from a projection screen, especially if you look at it in daylight. Projection walls brighten the picture considerably, depending on the coating.

4k Or 1080:

4K projectors are much more expensive and it is not as common as 4K TVs because the pixels on the projector chips are incredibly small. But unless you really invest in a decent home theater, most living room setups won’t be able to tell the average viewer the difference between a good 1080p projector and a budget 4K projector.

Our Top Pick: List Of Top 5 Best Home Theater Projector Under 500

Here’s a look at the best home theater projector under 500

SiteStripe Image TitleBuy
ViewSonic PA503S 3,800 Lumens SVGA Business ProjectorCheck On Amazon
BenQ TH585 1080p Home Entertainment ProjectorCheck On Amazon
ViewSonic M1 + Portable Smart Wi-Fi ProjectorCheck On Amazon
Optoma HD146X High-Performance ProjectorCheck On Amazon
VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED ProjectorCheck On Amazon

1. ViewSonic PA503S 3,800 Lumens SVGA Business Projector

ViewSonic PA503S 3,800 Lumens SVGA Business Projector
ViewSonic PA503S 3,800 Lumens SVGA Business Projector

The ViewSonic PA503X projector has a surprisingly intuitive and easy-to-use design that supports high lumens and admirable resolutions, ensuring that no matter the amount of ambient light, it reproduces the best, most detailed image quality. The exclusive Super Color technology provides a wider range of displayable colors for projected images with true-to-life color accuracy.

Features of The ViewSonic PA503X projector

  • Fantastic for home theater and presentations
  • 3000 lumens brightness
  • Long lamp life up to 15,000 hours
  • Vertical keystone correction
  • HDMI input 3D Blue-Ray compatible
  • Incredible color accuracy
  • Advanced audiovisual input
  • Quick shutdown
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Crystal clear night image
  • Low internal 2W speakers
  • Must be away from the screen as the throw ratio is low

Why choose The ViewSonic PA503X projector?

The ViewSonic PA503X projector offers an unmatched level of expertise. This DLP projector delivers smooth images with no lag, and its vertical keystone correction helps eliminate twisted and distorted images to ensure a perfectly proportioned image every time.

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2. BenQ TH585 1080p Home Entertainment Projector

BenQ TH585 1080p Home Entertainment Projector
BenQ TH585 1080p Home Entertainment Projector

The massive 3300 lumens incandescent bulb can project a 16: 9 image from 60 to 300 inches in size, making it a reliable replacement for even expensive home theater projectors. The high resolution of two megapixels offers improved image details and razor-sharp readability that suits highly professional presentations in dark or well-lit rooms.

Features of the BenQ TH585 projector

  • The native resolution of the 1080p definition,
  • High contrast ratio of 15,000: 1
  • Massive 3300-lumen bulb
  • Digital connectivity
  • Lamp life up to 10,000 hours with SmartEco technology
  • Two HDMI inputs in addition to two VGA inputs
  • Blu-ray, video, and HD streaming
  • Environmentally friendly energy savings
  • Remote control with the quick install button
  • Three-way adjustable feet
  • No smart TV functionality

Why choose the BenQ TH585 projector?

The Benq TH585 3D Compatible Manual Home Theater Projector combines brilliant picture quality, intuitive, hassle-free operation with excellent digital connectivity features, environmentally friendly energy savings, vertical keystone corrections for alignment Perfect, three adjustable feet, a newly designed remote control, and a special quick installation button with two HDMI inputs and two VGA inputs make it easy to connect to your favorite movie, simplify setup and keep your family entertained.

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3. ViewSonic M1 + Portable Smart Wi-Fi Projector

ViewSonic M1 + Portable Smart Wi-Fi Projector
ViewSonic M1 + Portable Smart Wi-Fi Projector

With over 30,000 hours of operation, this projector provides years of multimedia entertainment wherever it goes. The compact and lightweight design of the M1 + weighs less than two pounds and is ideal for moving from room to room or for indoor and outdoor use.

Features of the ViewSonic M1 + Portable Smart Wi-Fi Projector

  • Ultra-portable LED projector
  • A built-in battery with an operating time of 6 hours
  • 30,000 operating hours
  • Smart stand for easy 360-degree setup
  • Two speakers
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Ideal for your next camping trip or outdoor excursion
  • Versatile and compact utility
  • Very small and light projector
  • Clean and clear sound
  • A little loud fan
  • Not good for business presentations as the brightness is too high

Why choose ViewSonic M1 + Portable Smart Wi-Fi Projector?

The ViewSonic M1 + is an ultra-portable WVGA LED projector that provides convenient entertainment in almost any room. Enjoy easy setup and control. Just plugin and play for breathtaking presentations, videos, and pictures.

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4. Optoma HD146X High-Performance Projector

Optoma HD146X High-Performance Projector
Optoma HD146X High-Performance Projector

The remarkable feature of full 3D 1080p support enables the projector to display true 3D content from almost any 3D source. By connecting the Optoma HD143X to a 3D Blu-ray player, a high-performance gaming PC, or the latest generation of game consoles, you can transform your living room into a large-screen home theater.

Features of the Optoma HD143X Projector

  • Resolution 1920 × 1080
  • Bright 3000 lumens
  • Contrast ratio 23,000: 1
  • Reference display mode
  • Full 3D support
  • 12,000-hour lamp life
  • It is portable
  • Clear, detailed images
  • Exceptional video quality for movies, sports, and games
  • Vertical keystone correction
  • Produce a lot of heat while working

Why choose the Optoma HD143X Projector?

It offers excellent color reproduction and a high contrast ratio of 25,000: 1, ensuring incredible reproduction of images up to 301 inches for unprecedented immersion in movies and games.

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5. VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector

VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector
VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED ProjectorVANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector

The V600 is a fantastic choice for giving presentations in places where total darkness is not an option. With long-life lamps, this V600 Full HD projector will last over 10 years, 2-3 hours per session every day.

Features of the VANKYO Performance V600 projector

  • Classic LED headlight
  • 5000 lux HDMI projector
  • 1080p native resolution
  • 5W stereo speakers
  • TV stick compatible with a 300-inch screen
  • Works effectively with PCs, laptops, smartphones, etc.
  • Handy for games or Netflix
  • iPhone Android presentation for PowerPoint
  • Long-lasting lamp for more than 10 years
  • Cannot connect to WiFi or the cloud to receive updates

Why choose the VANKYO Performance V600 projector?

This home theater projector features impressive picture quality, brightness, and quality audio for which it is practical enough for playing some 1080p games or watch Netflix at the comfort of your own home.

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