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Google AdWords – A Complete Overview 2018-2019

Here Google AdWords – A Complete Overview is given by us to ensure that our readers get the detailed information about the working and importance of Google AdWords in digital marketing. Here in Google AdWords – A Complete Overview we will give you the brief history of google ads, its evolution and its importance in the marketplace nowadays.

Google Adwords is basically a medium of the advertisement provided by the famous search engine, Google. This platform was developed by Google in the year 2000, and it was named as Google Adwords. It was established for the business community where marketers and company heads paid Google the charges for their advertisement. These advertisements were of basically new products, service offerings, mobile packages, and video content.

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview shows that the Google AdWords is basically based on cookies and keywords that are proposed by the advertiser himself. Now, these cookies or keywords are basically related to the type of advertisement a marketer wants to present. Now when these files and words are proposed to Google, it looks in its database for pages that would be relevant to your type of advertisement.

Google contacts with those website owners who are listed as relevant to your advertisement. These are also called partner websites, these owners or partners get a commission or proportion of the total amount paid to Google by the advertiser.

Google adds application has evolved over the last 18 years and now they have become the main and major source of Google’s income. According to reports of 2017 Google generated around 95 US billion dollars through advertising. This makes more than 70 percent of Google’s total revenue.

In Google AdWords – A Complete Overview you will get to know that Google offers a pay per click model that sets the price of views per click. In the early years when Google started advertising it charged a monthly fee to the advertiser and ran his campaign for that month, but now this method has also been evolved by the Google top authorities. Now the advertiser has to pay per view of customers.

The Google program adds include distribution of local, international and national brands from throughout the world. Google advertisements today are of different types, they may be video content, they may be audio content, they may be pictures, or they may be simple words text. But all of these types have different rates per views. Google AdWords – A Complete Overview, tells us that the textual advertisements cost less and the number of words is limited, and you cannot convey a large message in the textual advertisement. Most advertisers use this type for notifying their sale packages or upcoming event’s teaser texts.

According to our Google AdWords – A Complete Overview , Google Adwords allows you to give up to thirty characters in headings and up to eighty characters in the text description. They also allow a display of 40 URLs in the textual advertisement. Google Add picture and video sizes are different with respect to websites. As recent reports reveal, Google in 2018 has derived around 86%  of its total revenue from advertisements.

In July this year, Google rebranded the famous Google Adwords and turned it into Google Ads.

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview will also give you the complete information about the features of Google Ads. In addition to controlling ad settings through targeting audiences based on the language of the users and the location of the viewer, language usage ad placements can be done after excluding IP addresses. This new feature has enabled advertisers to exclude their specified IP addresses if they do not want their advertisements to appear on those IP’s. Advertisers can exclude up to 450 to 500 IP address ranges per campaign.

Adword Express

This feature “Adword Express” was previously called as Google Boost. Adword express allows small business parties who do not have web pages to use this facility by directing them their customers to Google place page. Google Adword express automatically manages keywords and ad placement on websites, but remember this feature is only for small businesses.

Google Partners

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview shows our readers that Google partner is a position with the Google ad company which a business party can hold to if he passes the exams set by the Google Adword society, these exams include search advertising, display advertising, Video advertising, shopping advertising, and telephone or mobile advertising.

Google academy for ads takes these exams now from this year. previously the exam department was under Google Advertising professionals in 2010. Now the system has been updated and improved. The criteria have also evolved. The exams consist of one initial paper and five advance papers. The mission of this department is to increase Google Adword clients and the number of Google Adword campaigns. These Google partners are then assigned work on a three-month basis. They have to maintain a target and have to engage more clients in their system. You see Google has shifted its focus on Advertising as it makes a lot of money through it.

Placement-targeted advertisements

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview by our team will tell you about the placement-targeted advertisements, Placement-targeted advertisements were previously known as Site-targeted advertisements. The site-targeted feature was launched in early 2003 by Google; this feature allowed the advertisers to use control panels of Adword to enter keywords, domain names,  topics, geographical targeting, and other details. These details are accessed by Google. Based on the entered data Google decides where to put your advertisement. The most relevant pages are shortlisted for advertisement of your ads.

Advertisers have to bid on a cost per click basis for the placement-targeted advertisement. With the help of this feature one whole add can be displayed in the entire ad block, and thus it captures a larger audience, it has a better view and can display more information. Usually, one ad block is split into two or three blocks which make those advertisements very small and limited.

Keyword Planner

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview by our team will also give you the details of Keyword planner; the keyword planner is one of the free features that is issued by Google Adwords. This tool provides data from Google’s search query and other resources for direct and specified advertising campaigns. The Google, keyword planner helps us to expand the existing advertising campaigns and also to start new campaigns. This planner helps us provide relevant keywords and ad group ideas, the statistics related to the history, the new trendy keywords, and competitions along with competitive bidding. To get access to the to the Keyword planner you have to get your first campaign started soon.


Google AdWords – A Complete Overview by our team will also tell you about an important feature that is Remarketing, remarketing is a feature offered by the Google AdWords which allows an advertiser to provide his ads to the audience who has already visited his web page before. This service  likewise enables advertisers to make the diverse gathering of people records that are  dependent on the practices of site guests with the end goal to serve pertinent promotions to the fragmented audience. Remarketing Lists for search by means of Google Analytics wound up accessible in Google AdWords toward the beginning of June 2015, taking into account the utilization of standard GA remarketing records to design customary content inquiry and  advertisements.

A more evolved form of remarketing is a dynamic marketing feature that enables the advertisers to specify the products and services they want to provide to their previous customers. This feature is used commonly by e-commerce websites. These websites offer to customize products to their viewers just like you see on Facebook; you are shown only those products by different e-commerce companies that you have been searching for.

When you are using this tool in the mainstream marketing area, you have to be very careful, as mentioned facebook advertisements. One can also feel annoyed by seeing the same stuff over and over, so Google Adwords  lay great emphasis on deep diving into frequency capping so that you don’t irritate your viewer and provide him with the stuff he wants.

Remarketing is widely used all over the world by all brands and companies.

Ad Extension

Ad extension is also one of the important features offered by the Google Ad words and our Google AdWords – A Complete Overview of Google advertisement will show you, the importance of ad extension in the digital marketing concept of Google. Ad extension is one of the features that allow other information to be displayed along with the ad; this information includes the business address, phone number, and web page links.

Ad extensions are of two types, manual and automatic. The manual ad extension includes App extensions that allow you to advertise a link along with the other information; this link will redirect the user to an application when he clicks on it, then manual Ad extension also provides call extensions that allow advertisers to provide a number along with their ad. This number when clicked will be directed to the calling application of the viewer’s phone, and he can then call that number. Location extension can also be provided with the ad extensions; this includes map location of the address. Then an advertiser can also add a review extension which means that the advertiser can add third part reviews on his ad.

Then site link extensions can be also be added; these are additional links that can be added to the other stuff that is advertised. Callout extensions allow the advertiser to add additional descriptive text. Structured snippet extensions can also be added there; these are more than two predefined brands. Price extensions can also be added which include price tags of products or services to be added along with the product. Click to message extensions are provided by advertisers to connect with viewers through SMS. Promotional extensions are also a part of manual ad extension, this allows promotional messages and offers to be added along with the product ad.

Then we have an automatic ad extension feature; these extensions are those which are added by the Google Adword itself along with the advertiser’s advertisement. This extension includes the consumer ratings; the rate is that customer rates after buying or viewing a product. Then there are seller ratings that are added automatically. These are reviews and positioning of a product as set by the advertiser or the company itself. Then automatic ad extension also adds information about the previous visits of customers. Then there are two more automatic extensions that are dynamic site link extensions and dynamically structured snippets.

Google click to call

Google click to call feature is also explained in our  Google AdWords – A Complete Overview, this feature is one of the oldest features of Google Adwords, Google discontinued these services due to some unfortunate reasons in late 2006. Google click to call service is now operational. In this feature, you are directly approached by the Google authority. Google pays for this call and you are directed to the business directly. This feature is now also used by Android and IOS devices.

Google Adword customer match

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview by our team has managed to provide information about the famous feature of Google Adwords, This feature is very much useful for advertisers. Google Adword customer match makes sure that the viewer connects with the related advertiser. These also include messaging advertisements used by the brands to their concerned and related audience.

The technology of Google Adwords

Google AdWords is an 18-year-old system; this was tested initially on the MySQL system after the experiment was successful the management team decided to use Oracle. The system ran but was too slow that it collapsed and eventually they had to move back to MySQL. Later on, as the technology developed and as the usage of Google Adwords increased the management launched a new database system known as the Relational Database management system. This is also known as F1 in Google and is specifically used for additional business. This is a powerful system which maintains the relation between the advertiser and viewer and of course googles itself.

The distribution of Google Adword system

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview will also show you the complete distribution of Google Adwords. All the ads are eligible to be shown on the search engine that is Google. Also, advertisers can allow their advertisements to be shown or the Google partner’s network system. The Google display network shows advertisements that are posted other than search engines.

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview tells you Further that, Google itself decides the subject of pages and shows pertinent promotions dependent on the publicists’ keyword records. AdSense distributors may choose channels to help guide Google’s advertisement positions on pages to build the execution of their promotion units. There is a wide range of sorts of advertisements that keep running over Google’s system including content promotions, picture or pennant advertisements, portable content advertisements, and in-page video advertisements. In February 2016, Google started expelling right-hand side promotions from AdWords on a work area for just indicating content advertisements above and underneath natural query items. Item Listing Ads and the Google Knowledge Graph were unaffected, can, in any case, show up on the right-hand side.

Account management system of Google Adwords

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview shows its readers that how Google  help clients with the hardship of building and managing AdWords accounts and profiles, search engine marketing SEM agencies and related officers offer account management services. This allowed organizations without advertising or PR expertise to reach a larger online audience. To help maintain best practices for AdWords management team, Google has implemented the Google Partner Program and the Google Qualification Program for individuals, both of which require individuals and agencies to meet the set criteria and pass the set exams, as mentioned earlier these exams are five in number one is initial exam and other four are advanced papers. Adword editor is also available for customers by Google; this is offline management software for profiles.

Cost Calculation methodology of Google Adwords

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview shows the cost calculation techniques of Google Adwords. The price of Google Adwords depends on different factors. These factors mainly include the goals of the organization. Also one of the most important things is the bidding or auction strategy of Google Adwords. The cost also depends on it. Whenever a user searches for a query, Google performs an auction just to determine the search results that are displayed by the page, and also it checks on to the ad’s position.

Legal context of Google Adwords

Every area of work includes some legalities, the Google AdWords – A Complete Overview also shows these legalities in Google Adwords. There are many types of advertisements you cannot add on Google web pages.  Not only there are restrictions made by Google, but also the website owners have limited some advertisements. These restrictions may apply because of religious reasons, age restrictions and cultural or security reasons. So one should know the legal aspects of advertising on Google. There are more than a dozen famous cases that have been rejected by Google Adwords and then legal cases have been issued on the advertisers so one should make sure not to indulge in illegal advertising.

Ad content restrictions from Google Adwords

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview gives you the detail of Ad content restriction. Google Adwords has restricted some content that cannot be advertised on any page of Google’s databased. These contents include hard alcohol and liquor. This change has been in effect since 2008 before that Google Adwords were used in a miscellaneous way and there was no proper check and balance by the authorities.

Allowed Keywords in Google Adwords

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview will tell you that Google Adwords has come under great pressure for allowing AdWords advertising customers to bid on international trademarked keywords. In early 2004, Google started allowing it’s advertisers, and Google Partner’s to bid on a large variety of search keywords and phrases in the United States of America and some parts of Canada, including international and national trademarks of those in competition with them and in late May 2008 it expanded this policy to the United Kingdom and rest of Ireland. Advertisers are restricted from using other companies’ trademarks and logos in their advertisements may they be textual or visual, if it has been registered with advertising legal team. Google requires a complete certification to run those specific regulated keywords, such as those related to pharmaceuticals and cola brands.

Prohibited keywords in Google Adwords

There are also some keywords that are not allowed at all in Google Adwords according to our Google AdWords – A Complete Overview study. These prohibited keywords include alcohol advertising keywords, abortion services, hacking services, gambling trends across the world, and other adult stuff.

Overall according to our Google AdWords – A Complete Overview, we can say that Google Adwords is a platform worth investing in, it would definitely give you feedback for your investment. Your advertisements would have a global outreach; you will be able to capture a large audience with less investment. This will surely increase your sale, on the other hand, if you are a viewer you will notice that how much you are being served from a single platform, you are asking answers for your queries from Google. And Google not just answers those queries but also gives you advertisements for different brands that you are already in search of. This is both profitable for the viewer and the advertiser and not to forget the Google partner.

Google AdWords – A Complete Overview by our team has tried our best to deliver the best and the easiest details for our readers. Reading our overview will help them understand the basic concept and working of Google Adwords. One should be well informed of it as it is a major part of digital marketing today and is one of the most money making business.

30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19
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30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19

Here are 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19 given by our team in this report. Facebook marketing has become one of the topmost used tools in social media marketing. Facebook has made marketing very easy and at your doorstep. The use of marketing with Facebook has become very much popular over the years as Facebook helps you in the segmentation of the audience you want to target. Facebook help you gather information, Facebook targets demographically and gathers the info about age, location, education, and interests that you have mentioned in your profile. On the basis of this information, you are advertised. Facebook also sets ads budget and runs campaigns for a certain time period for which you have to pay for. There are many marketing tips related to Facebook marketing, but here we have gathered the top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19 for our readers, we hope you will find them useful in marketing your product or services.

30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19 must be read carefully by our reader, and then they should use them in their business. These marketing tips include:

Optimize Your Profile Picture

Now you would think what is profile picture optimization, actually to optimize your profile picture means that you make the most effective use of your profile picture for your customers or viewers. Your company or your brand should have a distinct logo. This logo should also be attractive, and this is also one of the 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19. Attractive logo attracts the eyes of viewers as it gives a catchy look. Setting your logo as your profile picture is the best way to optimize your brand in your profile picture. The logo should be made professionally and must be of high-quality pixels; minimum 720 pixels are recommended so that when the picture is shrunk to the small size, it does not blur out and remain catchy and clear to the viewers. The size that is recommended by our expert team is 180px by 180px. You must have seen many brands who have set a very attractive and catchy profile picture that attracts viewers, one of them is Beats.

Choose the correct cover photo

Choosing the correct cover photo is a part of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19. The Facebook cover photo and video are one of the most important parts of your Facebook profile. Your cover photo must be delivering some message or hint about your brand image and offerings. It should have a positive impact on the mind of the viewer. Only then he’ll scroll down to the details. The cover photo must not be a blur and should also be designed professionally in high-resolution quality so that when increasing or decreasing the size of your cover photo it does not blurs out. The correct and the recommended size by our experts is 828px by 315px. Your profile picture and your cover photo must be related to each other and should convey an absolute relation in the eyes of the viewer. They both should fit together like the lock and key model.

If your team is planning on using cover video instead of the cover photo, then you should make sure that the video does not exceed one minute or 60 seconds, the smaller the video be, the greater number of viewers would it attract. And it would gather more attention. Small videos are attractive in comparison with longer video clips. You can also show your company culture in your profile cover.

Consider adding a Call-to-action feature on your cover photo

Our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19 also include adding a call-to-action feature on your Facebook profile. Your cover photo takes a huge part of your Facebook profile. One can use it by adding a multiple of features in it. You can add a like button in your cover photo area. This will encourage viewers to click like button after which they will automatically follow your feed. You can also add a follow button for your viewers. Moreover, the Facebook authorities have added a new feature in a cover photo area that is Add a button tab; this allows you to set a command in your Facebook cover area, this can be direct calling number. you can add many functions that would help you in marketing your brand on Facebook. People today are using this feature and are getting maximum responses. These options in add button tools include Book services, Get in touch, Learn more, Make a purchase, make a donation, Download an app, and download a game.

Fill in Your Facebook Business Bio Completely

Filling your profile properly and providing business bio completely is one of the top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19. Facebook gives you a very wide range of extension to fill your business biography. This type of detailed information is not provided with any other app. The major step in setting your business page on Facebook is filling your business bio completely. Facebook has divided the information panel into parts. The first part of your business information should include the starting date of your business, your company’s mission statement, your contact information which includes mobile numbers and emails, and links to your web page.

The next part of Facebook bio panel gives your customers the details of the business you do or the services you provide; this part should include a short description telling about your company, a basic overview of your company, some general information about the products and services you provide.

The last part of the Facebook business bio panel must be used carefully. In this tab you have to add a short story related to the history, working, service providing, cooperate social responsibility of your company. This should be a catchy content, and a reader must get interested after reading it, it is also one of the most important tips out of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19.

Use must use the tabs provided by Facebook to manage your content

The new updated features of Facebook include the changing of the Fb tabs from the top to the left side of your Facebook page. That is why it is also one of the important tips out of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19. Facebook tabs help us to organize our profile information in a way that makes easier for users to view only the type of information they want to see. These tabs include Home tab, Posts tab, Reviews tab, Videos tab, Photos tab, the about tab, and the community tab. The viewer can decide what information he wants to see and can click the tab accordingly after which he lands onto the details of that tab. There are also some pre-made tabs by Facebook which can be added on your own choice from the settings section.

These tabs include photos tab, contact tab, events tab, Ads tab, and live video tab. You can also build your own new tabs according to your needs.

Share your best content

Our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19 say that you should add the best content on your Facebook page. You will notice if your views or shares have stopped or have declined over the time, this means that the content provided by you on your page is not catchy enough and it is not attracting people towards it nor is it delivering a message to people. You can see the past experience of companies that what type of content attracts customers and then you can add that type after making your own. You can also try new content types that would help you in  more engagement of clients over the time period.

Mix up unlinked posts

People like to spend more time on Facebook today; they want the information available there along with the gossips and entertainment Fb provides the. So if you add up links that would redirect them to the browsers, there is a chance that they will stop engaging to your Fb page and you will lose views. It is recommended by our experts that you should add unlinked content on Facebook that is catchy enough and that provides detail information about your products and services that you are providing so that the viewer gets all the available information from one page. However, if your purpose is to generate website traffic, then you should add linked posts. This is one of our key tips out of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19.

Stay in touch with Facebook updates.

Facebook keeps on frequently updating, so it is recommended by our expert team that you stay in touch and well aware of these updates so that you can change the position or format of your content accordingly this is one the most important part of Facebook marketing and an important tip of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19.

Plan your post with the help of Facebook event calendar

A businessman running a company must have some plans ahead of him which he has to implement over the time period. These plans may be new launches or sales on upcoming events. These events may be religious, political or historical. New updates on your business must be added on the calendar before there implementation so that you can run a promotional campaign before the launch of the new idea or the new plan. Facebook will remind you and offer a new plan before the upcoming of your new event.

Set your goals for marketing on Facebook

If you depend on Facebook for marketing of your brand that means you have some expectations from the platform that is why you are sticking to it. If you really want to increase the current  number of viewers or customers of your brand then your goal should be to increase the followers of your page, you should keep a regular check on your increase or decrease of followers. Use annual data to set goals for next year make sure you increase the output results from the last year, don’t rely on constant results you will eventually end up ending in decline. Be realistic and make realistic goals. Don’t overburden your company and move with a normal pace that would not affect you financially and mentally. Stay focused and determined.  The most important tip out of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19.

You should establish your voice and tone on Facebook

When marketing on Facebook, it is important that you establish your voice of Facebook, your tone should be in favor of your customers and the viewers. It means that no matter how much tough time a company is facing the tone of it must always be fun and free of tensions. Your internal problems should not go out to your customers. Customers should blindly trust your tone. Being professional doesn’t mean that you become rude so make sure you are always generous towards your customers.

Create a group on Facebook

Making a group is one of the upcoming marketing trends on Facebook. It allows you to add customers in one place and update them with the latest news.

Making a group includes finding a keyword that is mostly searched by the clients and add up topics and discussions related to them. The group description and the statements must be updated at all times. One should keep a steady stream of content related to the topic trending in his group. The admin should not lag with the same info or details or news for a greater period of time. The audience must be updated with new offers and plans. You can create the group on Facebook from the settings tab. Making a group on FB is one of the most important tips of top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19.

Add Facebook video posts

Video posts have become the new trend on Facebook since 2016; people are interested in video posts more than textual posts nowadays. So you have to try adding video posts on your profile. It would definitely attract more viewers, and you will get more following. Don’t link your videos to YouTube as it gives a bad impact; moreover, Facebook has stopped accepting YouTube video links since last few months. Make sure your videos are not more than one minute or maximum ninety seconds as also told above. People like short videos having a detailed message in them. Post relevant videos to your company and business, don’t get into funky or irrelevant stuff it gives out a bad image, and it seems unprofessional. This is one of the newest and most useful tips of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19.

Go live on Facebook!

Sine 2016, Facebook has launched the feature of Facebook live. This feature allows its users to get in touch with their friends and followers through video. One can start a live video through the live video feature on Facebook and can convey his message or promotion to the people he’s connected to. Facebook live usage has been recorded as more than 300% since its launch in 2016. While using Facebook live one should find a quiet place to sit before broadcasting. You should keep your camera steady because no one likes a blurry video. Keep the video simple, and to the point, people don’t have time to waste. Our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19 has made FB live one of the most popular tips out of all.

Post on FB with images

Images give an attractive look to your post; you can see for yourself that whenever you see a post with the picture you tend to stop and read it, that is why we have included this in our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19. The pictures with the post must be relevant to the post itself and must be catchy enough to gain public views. You can also post Facebook albums of your upcoming launches.  This is also one of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19.

Optimize links

You can make better use of links you add in your texts. Add short terms in links, and you can also add links to photographs but make sure the photographs are of high quality. Links can also be directed to catchy posts and useful information for the viewers, just keep one thing in mind that the viewer must not feel that his time is being wasted after opening those links. This tip is one of the most important top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19.

Target Your Audience With Each Facebook Post

You can also target an audience for a certain post. But you can only use this feature if you have more than 5000 followers. With the help of this feature, you can get a more targeted market.

Don’t post across other social media channels

You must have seen the new trend these days that people often share the tweets of famous celebrities or personalities on Facebook. This should not be done in the marketing perspective as it kills the importance of the product itself. You should not cross post between other social media engines. It portrays a bad image to buyers. Write new posts and make them presentable with the above-mentioned tips. If you are cross-posting, you will face some problems other than disinterest of people. These are limited textual data as some of the famous social media channels allow a limited amount of text, this includes Twitter. If a person is following you on both the channels, he will get bored by seeing the same post on different platforms. Top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19 won’t allow you to cross-post ever.

Add an event that people would want to attend

Facebooks event must be added more often. Due to these events, you get connected to the audience and customers more easily as interest builds up when you introduce an event. These events must have links which would show the users the address, the contact, the ticket details and other major details necessary for attending the event. Top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19 have given this tip the highest acceptance.

Post on Weekends or Holidays

People often use social media on holidays and weekends more extensively. So you must post new things and offers for them according to our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19, the audience should get something new when they are surfing on Facebook in their free time.

Post more often

It is recommended by our experts after studying the nature of social media marketing on Facebook. A marketer should at least post one post per day. And should most around two to three times on the weekend. This will capture more audience says our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19 page.

Arrange a contest and gifts

Top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19 include arranging a contest on Facebook, which consists of sharing your post maximum times and recommending it to maximum people. Add a gift or offer for the winner which is catchy enough that people take part in it extensively. You should also set a time limit for registration in the contest and then in the participation. This will increase your views by thousands if your prize is worth fighting for.

Get yourself affiliated with influences

Top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19 includes that today one should make a partner that has a great influence on social media. This will help you promote your page more extensively and quickly as his followers will follow your brand at the same time. We can see many examples of Vloggers and pranksters on Facebook who have millions of people following them.

Start tagging

You should start tagging people and famous companies in your post; this will also increase your views as those who are following the tagged personalities will also get to see your posts so this is also one of our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19.

Facebook is one of the major marketing tools these days, and you should definitely learn about the new features it is introducing. Further, you should follow our top 30 Facebook Marketing Tips in 2018-19.

list of best Google tools 2018, best google tools, list of best google tools of 2018-2019
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List Best Google Tools/Website tools 2018

Google has a vast stature in the web browsing fraternity, have you wondered how it got to be the most famous and the most trusted browser around the world. The fact is that Google does not provide only the search engine facility to its clients, but it also provides a variety of many more tools that are used in our daily lives. We use these tools extensively, but we are not aware of their versatility. We have here prepared a list of best Google tools 2018. After reading about these basic tools and their usage, you will be able to use them if you are not and you will be able to use them in a proper way if you are already using them. there are some tools that are not famous enough in general public due to many reasons, but here we have discussed the maximum number of tools in our list of best Google tools 2018.

The first tools out of our list of best google tools 2018 are Google Docs.

Google Docs

Google docs is an important and one of the widely used tools in our List of Best Google tools 2018. You must have used Google documents for sharing your work. People often use Google docs for sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, charts, drawings, and tables. You can give access to edit these documents, or you can also give a read-only version out to the people you want to share the documents with.

Google documents also include sending links of forms that you have created for different surveys; you can collect answers on Google docs of those forms. Google docs automatically create a spreadsheet for those results.

Google double click Ad planner

Google double click ad planner is also one of our tools in the list of best Google tools 2018, this tools is now recently replaced and now is famous with the name of Google display planner, this is basically a Google AdWords sub-tool that serves the purpose of providing  ideas and also gives you an estimation of how to plan a Display Network campaign on the web, that campaign which would you also be able to add to your account or download it if you want to. Display Planner or Google double click Ad planner issues different plans for all the possible ways you can target the Display Network. Implementing these ideas are based on your viewers’ interest or your working page and its topic

Display Ad planner is basically a platform that lets you sell or buy advertisement block on a website. it is a very important tool for marketers, and the general Google users have no knowledge about it that is why we have discussed it in our list of best Google tools 2018.

Google drive

A very famous tool and a familiar one to smartphone users, especially those who are using smartphones with low read-only memories. Google drive allows you to share your personal data and to save it in its drive. Google drive is offered from 5GB’s to 16TB and cost up to 2.5 dollars to 800 dollars per month. The Google cloud drive also offers you free 16 GBs in your smartphones. Google drive is being used extensively throughout the world. You can also get 1 Gb free in Picasa and 10 Gb in Gmail for free.

Google gadgets

Google gadgets are the free gadget tools available at your disposal on your Chrome. These gadgets are made for the benefit of users. These gadgets are further divided into categories. These categories include news, tools, communication, games, finance, sports, lifestyle, technology, and politics. This is also an important tool in our list of best Google tools 2018.

Google Mail (Gmail)

Google mail is also one of the famous tools of our list of best Google tools 2018. Google mail is also one of the famous tools offered by Google and one of the widely used ones too. Google mail has around 1.4 billion users as of statistics issued by the higher authorities in 2018. Gmail was basically created by Paul Buchheit and was launched initially in 2004. It was in its testing phase since 2004, and this phase ended in 2009 after that it was in the market for users as a free tool. Initially, Gmail offered 1 Gb of storage per user but now as the Gmail has evolved the number of Gb’s has become 15 per user. You can receive and send up to 50 MB of data per Email. These include pictures, documents, videos, etc. It is one of the first apps on play store to hit one billion installations on Android phones. As of reports of 2018 Gmail is the widely used webmail in the USA.

Gmail has many features; you can customize your account with your favorite themes, you can add signatures to your email. You can add a profile picture and your basic details in your email account.

Gmail automatically scans your content keeping the privacy of it. No illegal stuff can be sent by Gmail, your account would be blocked by the server, and you would be named as spam.

Google mail is one of the most important tools launched by Google and one of the most used one.

Google places

Google place is also one of the important tools of the list of best Google tools 2018. Google places make easier for users to find places near them according to their search keywords. The places are placed according to the reviews of people and the ratings on them. These places are displayed on the top of the results along with their contacts and ratings.

If you are a businessman or a chain holder you should make sure that you have good reviews on your place so that you can get it listed with Google places. This is also one of the extensively used tools out of the list of best Google tools 2018.

Google +

Google plus is a famous internet-based tool for social networking that is owned by the famous web tycoon Google. Google+ was launched on the same lines as Facebook and was introduced as a social media network for Google lovers. But unfortunately, Google had to redesign it multiple of times because of its minimum response with a comparison to the famous social media platforms like facebook and twitter. Google+ has been announced to discontinue its services after the August of 2019 after which it will shut down completely, currently, since this October it has stopped registering users and has asked its present users to shift their data before the coming August to ensure their data is safely shifted to other sources. This is now an expired tool but was one of the best tools by Google. It should not be in the list of best Google tools 2018, but it has served very well, so we thought of giving an overview about the tool.

Google reader

Google reader was also one of the best tools launched by Google. It was created in 2005, and it discontinued its services in 2013 for the same reason that it discontinued Google+, both of them were accepted less by users due to some reasons, and that is why Google decided to discontinue them. this tool was used for reading documents that were in professional uneditable forms like PDF. List of best Google tools 2018 has google reader in it as it was a great tool with excellent quality of service.

Google Translate

This is one of the most Importantly used tools of this era; translation has become very important in our daily lives. Google translate is one of the tools of our list of best Google tools 2018 because of its worthy services. This tool offers an interface for web, Android and IOS users. Google translate can translate over a hundred languages, and as per recent reports, it is used by more than 500 million users daily. It was first launched in 2006 and then was redesigned and evolved in 2016. Google translate is also one of the widely used apps all over the world. It is majorly used by the tourist fraternity who travel to other countries and are unknown to the foreign language there. They use this tool extensively. It is also offered in-app store.

Google voice

Google voice is yet another powerful tool launched by Google that is why it is in the list of best Google tools 2018 today. It is basically used by people who have low sight and are old, it runs through voice command and acts as said. It is also a multilingual tool that understands over hundred of languages. And then it responds in the same way. You can make calls you can answer calls with Google voice on your android phones. This tool is widely used around the world.


You must be shocked if you didn’t know that YouTube is owned by Google. Yes, Google owns and runs YouTube, the famous video application and website that is used all over the world. YouTube was launched in 2005 initially and after that in 2006 Google managed to buy its stocks and became its parent and since then owns YouTube till date. It serves worldwide and is used by millions of people daily. Not only for fun purpose, but YouTube also manages to serve an important role in news broadcasting and other important videos. Most of the videos on YouTube are uploaded by individuals that have a private registered account with YouTube; these accounts are given to those who are above 18 of age. Other than these users YouTube also gives accounts to the media corporations.

As per recent reports daily more than one billion of video hours content is being watched by the users all over the world, that makes 400 hours of YouTube per minute all around the world. According to sources, YouTube is the second largest used website in the world. YouTube today has started many features which include live streaming, 3D videos, and 360-degree videos. It is one of the most important applications and tools owned by Google that is why it is added in the list of best Google tools 2018.

Google webmaster tools

Google webmaster tool is another important tool launched by the Google authorities for making the following things easy:

Site configuration

This feature will check the settings that you have done on your web. These include Utl parameters, site links, change of address, users that have access to it, and domain settings.

Site health

This section will help you learn about your site’s error, malfunctions, and block URL’s.

Site traffic

This section shows the traffic details and the performance of your website. you can generate more traffic through search engine optimization, and you can also maintain it likewise. Site traffic is very much important to increase if your site traffic is decreasing or is constant for a greater time period, you have to work on it.

Site optimization

This site will help you improve suggestions for HTML, content keywords and other resources.

Overall you can see that the google webmaster optimizes your work and make it better. It is one of the most important tools of the list of best Google tools 2018.

Google Nexus

Google Nexus is one of the widely used smartphones in the world, that is why it is in the list of best Google tools 2018. The phones were launched by Google in 2010, and they came with the basic Google services with them with the android versions.

Google earth

Google earth is one of the best tools launched by Google and is one of our important tools in the list of best Google tools 2018. It gives a 3D view of the earth through satellite imagery. It provides earth navigation to its users. Furthermore, other than Earth navigation, Google Earth also provides a number of extensively used tools through their desktop applications and websites. They also provide additional globe networking and imaging for the Moon and Mars. They also provide a tool for a night view of stars. A game is also included in this tool that is enabled when the connection is lost. Other features by the Google authorities allow users to view photos from various channels that are uploaded to Panoramic view. The website based version of this famous tool Google Earth also includes “Voyager, a feature from time to time keeps on adding program tours, often that is presented by people related to the science and space fraternity.

Google Play

Google play is the most famous tool by Google that is listed in our list of best Google tools 2018. Google play is more commonly known as the Google play store, yes! This is the same built-in tool that comes with our smartphones, and through this platform, we connect through other apps in the market. Google play store was initially released as Android market ten years ago after that it evolved over the time, and now after 2012, it has become the current Google Play that is available in every single smartphone today being manufactured by any android smartphone building company. Google play store has both versions of applications, paid and free.

Then applications available on Google play are millions in number, these applications include music applications, gaming applications, utility applications and books, movie applications and tv shows applications, a news publication and magazines and other device operating applications.

Google Maps

Google Maps is basically a web mapping administrating server created by Google and is one of the most famously used mapping application all over the world and is also a part of our list of best Google tools 2018 . It offers satellite image results, road maps, 360° all-encompassing perspectives of lanes and roads, ongoing movement conditions that includes traffic and signals, and course making arrangements for going by foot, auto, bike, or open transportation like trains and planes.

The google map asks for the destination and the starting point; you can also mark your starting point as your pin location so that it can guide you from the exact point. Google map has voice command service with it which guides the users along with the visual navigation. The voice stays in touch with you and keeps on giving you directions from the starting to the ending point. You can also mute the audio navigation and can use the visual if you want to. Google maps are available worldwide and have all the locations pinned in its server through satellite tracking. It guides you exactly to your destination with the shortest and easiest routes.

Its first era was from 2005 to 2010 after that it evolved into the current Google maps in 2013. It is one of the finest Google launched tools and is used by every smartphone user; its usage is increasing with the changing and developing of cities all over the world. List of best Google tools 2018 has marked it as one of the top-rated tools launched by Google.

Google Search

Google search is also known as Google web search. It is ranked as the number one searching module over the web and is also one of our most top used tools out of the list of best Google tools 2018. The Google search engine is one of the most widely used search engines of the world, not one of them but the number one, and the one having the most usage all over the world; it has around 93% of the market share of the world wide web. The main purpose of Google search is to seek textual content in publicly accessible files offered by using its own net servers, in preference to different statistics that are consisting of photos or facts contained in databases of the server.  Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1997 started it, and since then it is being used all over the world. In June 2011 Google brought “Google Voice search” to look for spoken, as opposed to typing, phrases and since then you can also search for stuff using your voice commands. In may additionally 2012 Google brought an information Graph semantic search characteristic within the U.S. that is still not launched worldwide. According to reports Google has around 4.5 Billion users per month.

There are many competitors of Google search; these include Baidu and Sosu.com in the Chinese region. Never.com in the South of Korea, Yahoo in Japan. Bing and Duck Duck Go in the United States of America.

Google pay

Google pay is another famous tool by the Google authorities that has been launched recently after the trend of smartphones increased. This is a virtual wallet inside your smartphones that have the virtual stuff same as your wallet has, these include the credit cards, cash accounts, etc. a user using Google pay can pay online for these services through his smartphone. Your online purchases are also included in these wallets these include the Event tickets that are bought online any plane tickets or any other transport ticket that you have purchased online can be kept safe in your Google Wallet.

You can simply download it from the play store if your smartphone has NFC. It is one of the most important tools that is used today, and that is why it belongs to our list of best Google tools 2018.

Google URL shortener

This is an important tool of our List of best Google tools 2018, and its basic work is to shorten URLs. it was initially launched in 2009 for Google Toolbar and Feedburner.

Google weather

Google weather is also in the list of best Google tools 2018 as it is extensively used throughout the world. This tool is basically used in smartphones. It gives the weather details for the current day and the forecast for the week of your location. The location and the city you are living in would be accessed by the location services of Google, other than that you can add up to many more cities of which you want to know the weather details about.

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Internet Marketing Tutorial Beginners 2018-19 Guide

This article is an Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 from our team read it carefully if you are new to Digital marketing. Digital marketing means the marketing of products and services using modern technology. Today the technology has become more advanced and has taken the marketplace. The old Marketing tools that were used as a marketing medium in those days didn’t have maximum results, nor they gathered public attention to the extent that today’s tools do. Old marketing techniques are still used today, but they do not have efficient results and also are costly. These old marketing techniques were newspaper advertisement, door to door visits, phone calls, and emails. All of these techniques are useful, but they do not cater to the mass majority. Their segmentation is very much limited, and they consumed very much time, and manpower and so were costly. Today Digital marketing has made the business a lot easier as it requires decidedly fewer efforts and quality and guaranteed results. Digital marketing is internet based marketing using social media and SEO tools. Due to digital marketing one man can now reach up to thousands and millions of population in his department. People today tend to save time, and they seek for results that show a decent effect in their sales. If you are new to the digital marketing concept, then you should first familiarize your self with the important tools that are used in digital marketing. And Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will help you with it.

Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing is done through tools these days. These tools are used in a way that they capture a big market without using workforce. The first thought that comes to your brain when you think about these tools is that how these tools reach the public. And how it is then different from the old marketing techniques. Our Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will show you how they are different.

Well, the digital marketing experts have used these tools in a way that the general public can’t run from their marketing advertisements. The famous digital marketing techniques today are further divided into classes, these are:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • The Search Engine Optimization that is also called SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing that is also called as SEM
  • Pay-per-click advertising that is also the called PPC
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Radio Advertising
  • Television Advertising
  • Mobile Phone Advertising

These are the basic ten types of Digital Marketing that are done today by marketing agencies and business companies. For a beginner, these terms are hard to understand so let us discuss one by one all of these ten Digital marketing types.  Our Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will help you understand these types.

Social Media Marketing

Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 section for social media marketing will surely help you understand the concept of social media marketing and its relation to digital marketing; Social media marketing is basically the use of social media to market a product or service; social media marketing is very much important in Digital media marketing as it is one of the highest used tools in Digital marketing. Today each and every person is surrounded by apps and browsers which provide social media connections to the general public. Excluding the lower class every class today is using social media for different purposes. The most famous and the most used applications that fall into social media are Facebook and Whatsapp. There are many applications which are helping as a tool in digital marketing. Every single tool has its own specifications and own terms of marketing contracts. For example, if we see facebook which is widely used all over the world. Facebook shows us marketing advertisements for different brands. Actually, you must have noticed that those adds are in one way or the other somewhat related to your mobile search engines history. For example, if you are the person that loves fashion and you keep on searching Pinterest or any other clothing brand on your phone’s browser, then you will see advertisements for clothes, important brands like Maria B, Baroque and stuff like that. If you a person who is always looking for second-hand stuff for purchasing and selling his old stuff then facebook according to your searches will provide you the advertisements related to secondhand shopping, these include OLx and Pak wheels. You see everything you see on facebook other than your liked pages has a reason to be there on your page. All of that information is provided to you because Facebook knows that you are in need of it.

Furthermore, Facebook is paid to provide boosts in advertisements; you must have noticed that some advertisements stay on the top of your facebook page for around a week or ten days or so. These marketing brands have been paying facebook to put their adds on the top so that the public cannot miss it at any cost.

Then you must have seen pop up advertisements on your web browser, WhatsApp app, Careem app or any other app that you use daily. These are advertisements by the company who know what you are looking for. If a woman has booked careem app, she will surely get a pop-up advertisement of Shan masala or any clothing brand with a coalition with careem. If you are a male, then you will get advertisements for the watch brands or OLX or Pak wheels whatever your interests are. You may not have noticed these things before reading this article, but you will realize after reading this that how much digital media marketing has captured your access.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a very important part of digital marketing fraternity. Content marketing is the backbone of digital marketing. Content marketing works side by side with the rest of the marketing tools. For example, if you are searching for visas let say, you will get to see a content written on that particular webpage just like the one you are reading just now! This content or any other content is put on a website or app for a certain reason. Have you ever thought of a website that has no content available to read? You won’t stay on that page for even a second. Now the time you are going to spend reading an article on a website gives the marketing experts some time, and they take the opportunity by advertising on those pages. Now that you are reading this you will realize that how many advertisements you see when you visit a site. This is a very large marketing tool. In these contents or articles som,times you will see highlighted words or phrases, and when you click these phrases you are redirected to another page this is called link building, this is the link between two websites. So if you are browsing a website, you are sure to fall in another due to these links. And when you do you are definitely going to read at least and explore what they are offering. Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 have given details of the content market with the easiest way so that our beginners can learn the basic concept and purpose of content marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will guide you about the search engine optimization SEO, so what is search engine optimization. Definitely, as the name itself shows it is something related to search engines. So what are the search engines and how are they an important part of Digital Marketing? Search engines are the basic unit of web browsers, for example, Google Chrome is nothing with Google which is the search engine of Google Chrome. Search engines are the basic tools which help you answer your queries. Each and every one of us using Google or any other search engine puts up his question to it. This question or search phrase is answered in twenty different ways or twenty different search results, these can be more or less according to the data available with the search engine. So out of these twenty or thirty search results or answers for that matter, a user only clicks or checks the first four or five ones. The other ones are not bothered. This is human nature that you tend to get the easiest and fastest way to solve your problem. Today we are idle to the extent that we don’t even bother scrolling down our mouse for more results but that doesn’t stop the digital marketing experts at all. To make sure you the idlest person of all also checks their product they launched the system of search engine optimization. Now, what does search engine optimization do? The search engine optimization tool makes your advertisement, your content, your search result, your website, your answers one of the top ones. SEO will make sure that when a user searches for a query, your results are present on the top five ones so that your website or your content can get maximum results and productivity. Search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing are all connected and make up a fantastic team. It is obvious that social media tools and search engine optimization together make way for the user to reach your content which is the main source of digital marketing. Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 has tried to explain SEO with the easiest approach.

Search Engine Marketing

Our Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will also make sure you get the basic information about SEM. Now let’s discuss the search engine marketing, the search engine marketing works on the same lines as the search engine optimization, the difference is that the SEO is the procedure to Search engine Marketing. The SEO is free marketing on the basis of keyword traffic generation. On the other hand, Search engine marketing is paid. Now after your query or search result gets on the top what’s your source of getting market by being the top one. When your search gets on the topmost results you then further go for search engine marketing. Now whatever your search results are the page that you have provided will have some google add words. Now marketers from all over the industries pay the search engine a set amount of money to display their add on your searched page. These advertisements make sure page catchy and are also a source of income to you as Google pays you to get the adds displayed on your page. Now when the user wants to know more about the product, he would click on the advertisement or the link and will be redirected to another page. The search engine marketing tool is also a form or pay per click advertisements. And in our Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 we will make sure you understand the working correctly and easily. The search engine marketing is the basic source of money making in digital marketing.

Pay per Click advertising

Our Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will help you understand the complete working of pay per click advertisement, the pay per click advertising works on the same lines as search engine marketing does, the basic working of pay per click is that it pays the website owner the amount set per clicks of users. This amount is paid by the marketer who has put his link or media add on his website. So search engine marketing is a lump sum amount paid to the website owner for a set period of time, and the pay per click advertisement pays the website owner the price per clicks. Then comes email marketing, in our Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 we will also describe the importance of it.

Email Marketing

Our Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will make sure you understand the working of email marketing in today’s market. Email marketing has developed over time. A few years back email was only used as a medium to convey formal messages to offices and to employees. But today things have changed. Email marketing is developed to the extent that even today utility bills are issued on email ids. Notifications for discount deals are sent on email ids. Today the top brands related to clothing, transport, telecommunication each and every department uses emails for their market. Now, what is the reason to use email instead of phone calls or messages? The first thing is that emails are a cheaper medium the phone calling and SMS building. Furthermore, the most important thing is that today you can add links in email messages and notifications which redirects the receiver to the webpage of that brand or the company. This is a more easy way of sending your message and getting site vies and reviews. Also, the target market is increased, and the traffic on your website also increases due to those links mentioned in emails. Our Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will also tell you about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing

Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will help their readers understand the concept of affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is basically the search engine marketing and pay per click advertising phenomenon but the person involved in this just gets the commission. Let us make it easier to understand. The owner of the website advertises other brands on is a website for that he gets money from them and the medium through both of them are connected to is google adds, now on the back end this person who is setting the add keeps himself away from the market and just provides the advertisement service on your website. the affiliate gets a commission on the basis of per sale made through your add. Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will provide you with the easiest details regarding digital marketing and affiliate marketing.

Radio Advertising

Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will guide you about the digital radio advertising. This practice is done all over the world. You must have noticed the advertisements between your favorite music and news breaks over the FM. Whenever you are listening to radio whether at your home or on the way in your car you will find advertisements between the music breaks. This is a big medium od digital marketing. This covers the general population, even the poorest man today has a Walkman in his house on which he listens to the news, so radio advertising is one of the biggest advertising mediums of the digital marketing fraternity. Our Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will make sure it readers understand the concept of radio advertisement very well and easily.

Television Advertising

Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will allow its readers to understand the concept and use of television advertising. Television advertising captures a large audience all over the world. Today the population of the world has become advanced, and the technology has become cheaper. Every house today has a television in it, and it captures a very large market. Old people and the men of the house are more interested in news channels, and they get advertisements between news breaks. Children watch cartoons, and they also get to see advertisements in between their episodes. Women of the house are more interested in serials and morning shows, and so they get to see advertisements in the breaks between the programs. So you see each, and every one of us has access to the Tv advertisements. An important thing you need to know is that channels or media providers get paid by the companies who are advertising for their brands. Overall they capture a large market frame. Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will make their readers capable of learning the basic facts about digital marketing.

Mobile phone advertising

Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 will explain the mobile phone advertising importance to their readers. You will be surely thinking that earlier we said that SMS and calls are most costly and are not a part of today’s digital marketing and now we have listed it in our digital marketing lists. You should know, and you will be very surprised to know that the largest target market of digital marketing experts is mobile phone users. Generally, the thought comes to our mind is that mobile phones are used for communication, calls, and SMS only, but it is not true. Today smartphone has taken the place of old buttoned handsets. Every class of the society today has access to smartphones today as the Chinese companies have made the cheapest smartphones in the world. Now, these smartphones are not only used for calls and messaging. Today mobile phones are used for using social media applications and other service applications. These apps have advertisements that get direct views from you. You must have noticed when you are using Facebook you get to see a lot of advertisements on your timeline. These adds are there on the basis of your mobile search engine’s history. Then you must have noticed pop up adds on other apps like WhatsApp and careem. These apps also have access to your keyword directory of the search engine. Digital marketing experts can gather this information and can provide you with the related product information on your social media pages and other applications. You must have also received WhatsApp text messages having links and other media advertisements sent to you by different companies; these links can also redirect you to the webpage of those . So our Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 show our readers that mobile phone advertising is one of the largest tools in digital marketing.

All of these tools make up the digital marketing system our Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 has tried to make sure our readers get the complete and the easiest details of what digital marketing is. Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 has made its core purpose of making sure that the new generation related to the business fraternity learns about the major and minor details about the digital marketing concepts and the tools that are used in it.

Internet marketing tutorial beginners 2018-19 is the first one to give the easiest detail of digital marketing on the web.

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List of Best Google Tools: 2018 Edition

In this age of advanced technology, the importance  of information to a business ought to never be thought little of. It is a fact that, without the religious following of site business and updates, business is truly lost, particularly with regards to how to enhance the plans and make full utilization of it. For this purpose, a List of best google tools 2018 is prepared for you so that you can make sure your business runs well.

Out of this List of best google tools 2018 Google analytics is the first one discussed in this article after that the general list follows.

Google Analytics

Regardless of whether your website is running as an individual writing blog, news source for people, business or corporate page, or an online shopping business store, Google Analytics is viewed as a fundamental tool for each site what so ever they are. The more you use this latest Google marketing tool, the greater the position you will have in the market.

Google Analytics is a web tool offered by the Google authorities whose purpose is to report website traffic and views of a website readily. You can make objectives and realistic goals following to get a greater number of views and utilize it to enhance your website’s worth, client experience and streamlining for better online deals and events.

Out of such a large number of highlights in Google Analytics, one can easily get to know the source of traffic he is getting on his website whether they are directly searching for your site, or whether they are indirectly falling to your page from a link you have advertised on another site or from social media platforms. In view of the information appeared, you can see whether your presentation on your site has satisfied your viewers or not. This can give a strong message to you that whether the next basic plan must be improved or not and whether your site execution is good enough to stay there and gather views for a longer time period. Google analytics tool is one of the most basic tools out of our List of best google tools 2018. It is widely used by beginners around the world.

Google Data Studio

Google data studio is the second one in our List of best google tools 2018. Google data studio is also an application tool offered by the Google authorities for the presentation of data that shows the website traffic and views of your site. You would be thinking now that why are they providing two tools for the same thing or what is the difference between them. Let us now explain the basic difference between these two data presentation tools.

Google Analytics is offered for the customers who have a mature business setting; Google analytics presents the data source in a little complex way that confuses beginners and is a bit hard to understand. On the other hand, the same results on the Google data studio are presented in the simplest forms of bar charts and pie charts with a given percentage. This information is very easy to understand and new marketers, or businessmen can easily take this opportunity and benefit from it.

Google Search console

This Google marketing tool is also included in our List of best google tools 2018. This tool is for web designers and experts. This tool was previously called Google webmasters tool. This tool was and is still used as an optimizer for your website views, and it also allows you to check the index status. This tool is one of the free marketing tools offered by Google. This tool is very important for the team that is performing search engine optimization SEO of a website. by using this tool, you can easily track the performance of your data, and you can easily understand what the audience wants from you.

Once Google starts tracking your website performance, you will be shown your organic search results along with the performance statistics. This information also helps users to understand the co-working of Google Ads and organic search queries.

Google search console also lets you know the traffic results on the basis of a single keyword, so if you are getting low performance on a certain keyword, you can always go for its SEO. This practice will always increase your traffic where it needs to be increased, hence improving the overall performance of your website. this a very much important tool out of the List of best google tools 2018.

Google My business tool

List of best google tools 2018 also includes Google my business tool as it is also one of the most important tools offered by Google for the business fraternity. Google my business is also one of the free Google tools and is one of the basic search engine optimization strategies offered by Google. This is a very powerful tool that allows a user to sustain their presence on Google search engine and Google maps etc. this tool is very useful in those countries where smartphone trend is at the peak and where people rely on smartphones for small things like browsing and navigations. So in a place like this, your business should be on the top with the correct and useful information about it.

This should be made sure by the tool user that he keeps his business details updated at all times as if you have provided any outdated information you will suffer a loss in traffic. You have to keep your address, phone numbers, and every detail up to date. The updated version of this tools now also allows you to add profile picture and URLs along with other information. This is an important tool of the List of best google tools 2018.

Google Keyword Planner

Our List of best google tools 2018 also includes Google keyword planner and marks it as one of the most important tools in the list. Designing a website without keyword research is a complete waste of time. If you want to reach viewers that are looking for certain keywords extensively more quickly, you should use Google Keyword Planner. Google keyword planner help you extract those keywords that are searched extensively by users on Google. When you find these keywords, you should add relevant content along with them that would help you market your content alongside your keywords.

This is also a free tool offered by Google; you just have to make an account and register yourself with a valid ID. Google keyword planner will help you gather keywords that are the most relevant for your website and the products you are offering. Google gets these keywords from the search history of its database. This data is also very important in the search engine optimization of your website. you just need to provide the relevant text for your website which is catchy enough for the audience or viewers.

Google Tag manager

This tool is also completely free and is also in the List of best google tools 2018. This tool helps you add codes and tags on your websites and your mobile applications for free. You can even add HTML tags and java scripts without changing the back of your site and easily add these tracking tags on them. Many websites have a collection of data that is irrelevant and unreliable; this is because of messing up of codes. Google tags manager resolves this problem and manages all the scripts and codes accordingly.

Google tag manager is being used extensively with the Facebook Ads; Facebook has already integrated with Google and Google tag manager specifically.

Think with Google

Think with Google is yet another tool in our List of best google tools 2018. Think with Google tool is widely used to check mobile speed performance. If you have to rank your site well and on the top, then you should make sure that its loading speed on mobile must be fast and it must be a well-optimized site on mobile phones. To check the ranking and to work on your website on mobile phones, you must use Think with Google. Think with Google will provide you with the performance results and with a recommendation to optimize your site if needed. On mobile phones website, loading time must not be more than three seconds if it is then the viewer will surely move to another site.

You just have to add your web id in the Think with Google checking module, and you will get a quick report in a few seconds. Page speed insight tool is a more advanced tool that works on the same line.

Google page speed insights

List of best google tools 2018 also includes the Google page speed insight tool that works on the same lines of Think with Google but is a bit more complex and advanced version. You can see the performance of your website from this tool on mobile phones. This marks time from the searching of the site to providing a visual while opening, if it is in less than 5 seconds, then your site is said to be performing well otherwise you have to optimize it. Google page speed insights also offer some tips on how to speed up your page; these tips are:  avoid landing page redirects, eliminate render-blocking  Javascript and CSS, enable compression, leverage browser caching, minify CSS, minify HTML, minify Javascript, optimize images on your site, give priority to the visible content, and reduce your server response time.

Google Trend

This tool is also a free tool and one of the tools on our List of best google tools 2018. Google trends help us, user, to understand the new trends around his location and the famous people trending. When you search on Google trends, it shows you results for the famous trends in your location; these include, viral news, videos, and pictures. Also, famous events near you are also shown on google trends, for example, upcoming elections in a country. You can also use Google trends to see the interest of traffic within your circle. With this feature, you can always plan when to launch an event or promotion so that you can get maximum views and response.

Google Alerts

List of best google tools 2018 also includes Google alerts. As the name shows, this tool provides alerts about important information. If you want to stay in the loop for particular event information, you can add up the details in Google alerts, and it will keep you updated about the particular topic. You can also add keywords and get alerts on how much times your keywords have been searched for and what is the overall performance of your website. You can also add the mode of language in which you want the details of alerts. You can also set the time of checking. Whether you want results and alerts on a daily basis or weekly basis or so.

You should not add any general information in Google alerts rather you should add the keywords that have greater density in your website and are the most relevant ones to your product and site.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is also one of the famous tools offered by Google. List of best google tools 2018 includes it in one of the top tools offered by Google. Google Adsense lets you add advertisement blocks on your webpage. For instance that your website is idle and you had worked on it just for a shorter period of time, and after that, it has been remaining in your back pocket so in this type of cases Google Adsense allows you to use your website. You should, and you can make money out of ads that you put on your website so why not do it. If your site is not getting used for any purpose and there is some traffic still on it, you can add advertisement blocks on the top header, footer or the right and left columns of your website. This will make you earn money, and of course, your website will stay alive with loads of traffic and views and would not fade out. The amount you will earn from the ads is not fixed and is dependent on the type of topic your site has and the number of views you get daily.

Google Adwords

List of best google tools 2018 has also listed Google Adwords on the top. If you’re not getting good the  needed amount of traffic, then you must consider going for a  paid search campaign using Google AdWords. This can be done by bidding for the right and required keywords; you can gain a considerate amount of qualified traffic,  where the set conversions will meet or will surely exceed  the amount for your advertisements. You should be sure to use advanced target marketing options for location, mobile or desktop browsers, and other important measures to get the target audience you want.

Google blogger

List of best google tools 2018 includes Google blogger; Blogger is a publishing tool offered by the Google authorities for people who want to start blogging over the web. Using and maintaining an independent blog is difficult for beginners, so Google provides a blogging platform to them that is called Google Blogger. There are many rumors still today and were in the past too that getting directing links on Google-owned properties can help with the indexing of your website and it is a fact, so don’t overlook the power of Blogger. Blogging is a very powerful tool in the marketing world.

Another important tool also listed in our List of best google tools 2018 is a Google blog search, now you would think that how it is different from the regular search bar, it turns the search feed into RSS which is itself a very useful tool. You can use this Blog search to keep up with the tags of your website on blogs and other articles, or you can use this feature also to keep up with your competitors. For instance, if you are looking for guest posts and finding an opportunity of posting, or even seeing what your competitors are doing and what might lead you to some good platforms to start and give a comeback performance.

Google Books

List of best google tools 2018 also include Google Books; Google books are one of the very much important tools by Google. If a person loves reading books, then Google books are one of the best platforms for you. Google books have both paid and free versions. The free books can be read by general users, and for the paid section you have to register yourself and then you can purchase the book and read it. This was the perspective given to you as for a reader. In a marketing perspective, if a person has written a book, then he should post it surely to the Google authorities and get it listed in Google books so that he can capture a very large audience over the web. Google is currently competing in this area with Apple’s iTunes and books feature. Kindle is another competitor of Google, but Google shows less focus towards it as the field lines are a bit different for both of them.

Google Calendar

List of best google tools 2018 includes the famous Google calendar; this is a free tool offered by Google. You can easily make a  download it and use it. Google calendar is used worldwide and has an extensive number of audience. Google Calendar has all the important events saved for you by default according to the country you are living in moreover you can also add important personal events that include birthdays, anniversaries and other events. Google calendar helps you plan your events also and reminds you well before time. Google calendar can also be used by the marketing fraternity as they can use it in coalition with Google alerts.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is also one of the tools of our List of best google tools 2018. Not one of the best but it is considered the best of all. Generally, Google is recognized by the Google chrome. Google chrome is one of the tops most famous web browsers and has earned remarkable acceptance over the time period. Google Chrome is considered to be the best web browsers of all times. People generally around the world mostly use google chrome. But saying generally may be wrong. Google chrome has the highest number of users in the world. Google Chrome has many features that make it different from other browsers, these features make it rise above other web browsers. These features include task managing, one box searches, upgraded tabs, new support for web applications and the most important and trending feature nowadays is incognito browsing. Google chrome is also said to be the fastest browsers in the world and second safest browser in the world. The first safest one is firefox due to some reasons. Around 60% users of the world use Chrome as their default browser; the other 40% is shared by the other group of search engines.

Google chrome provides the feature of having your web page as your home page. You can also change the themes in Google Chrome; Google Chrome also provides a simple jumping game when net connection is not available, Google Chrome by default has some tabs installed which include the youtube, the Gmail, the google store, and the google drive tab. Moreover, it allows you to pin tabs and to use dozens of tabs without breaking down at a time.

Google Chrome is set to be the 2018’s best browser by the web fraternity. List of best google tools 2018 has placed Google Chrome on the top in the list. There are many more tools that are widely used by Google users around the world. One should have general information about them and should know their basic rules. Thankyou

List of Best Google Tools
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List of Best Google Tools

Google Analytics

If you have to present the market research in front of your clients/boss, you should use Google Analytics. It will give you an impression of your competing industries which will help you to plan better. To enhance your business layouts, use ‘benchmarking’ option. It will make a comparison of your data with the accumulated data of other companies. Note that data of only those companies will come under aggregation that chose to share. To use Benchmarking, you should share your data “Anonymously with Google and others.” Google, after filtration, will then incorporate your data with that of appropriate companies. It will then give you the report in the Benchmarking reports. After analyzing this report, one can easily see the issues, which needs immediate attention.

Google Suite

Google Suite or G Suite consists of productivity apps and Google Cloud Platform. Productivity apps consist of Google Doc, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Form. These productivity tools are primarily used in collaboration projects. They are a great replacement of the conventional software on your personal computers. When you share a project with all other teammates, that project can be accessed across all the devices. The owner of the project reserves full rights to give what level of permission (edit/view) to others. The changes from being synced across all the users, i.e. if a team member make a change in the project, then other members will also be able to see the change. Google Doc is used for word documents, Google Slides for PowerPoint presentations, Google Sheets is used for Excel spreadsheets, and Google Forms are used to create a form (for e.g. to take a survey or for registration of an event).

Think With Google

If you want to expand your business, Think With Google is a great place to visit. Here, you can scroll down case studies, related articles, news, surveys, research papers and talks given my magnates of the industry. As Google says, get the insights you want and the inspiration you need, at Think With Google. You can also go through marketing resources like Data Analytics & Management, User Experience & Design, Mobile, Omnichannel, Programmatic Advertising as well as Advertising Channels like Emerging & Assistive Technology. One can also dive into consumer insights to learn about the current trends among consumer. There are great tools for marketers like Culture & Trends, Competitive Analysis, Diagnostic Tools & Industry Benchmarks, etc.

Google FeedBurner

In any business in the digital world, taking subscribes into consideration is indispensable. Google FeedBurner helps to expand your reach to these subscribers. It will allow your viewers (visiting your site) to subscribe to your content and get regular updates. The user can get the update through RSS readers, web browsers or email. So, it does the dual task. First, it allows viewers to connect (subscribe) to your content. Secondly, it keeps track of your subscribers.

Google AdWords:

If you want to learn more about display advertisements and find out the related cost to promote your app, then you have landed at the right place. It offers you the number of ways to reach your targeted consumers. For e.g. Search advertisements (text-based advertisement), Display advertisements (graphic-based advertisement), Video Advertisements (YouTube video advertisements) and App Advertisement (in-app mobile advertisement). After setting up the account and setting the budget, you have to write your first advertisement and determine where you want your advertisement to appear. It is up to you where do you want to broadcast your advertisement, it can be locally or globally. You can also see the number of people to whom the advertisement has been shown. You can also customize the type of audience according to your convenience. You can also use the sub tools like Manager Accounts to control multiple accounts, Keyword planner to compare search volume and Google ads editor to use bulk editing tools to build better campaigns.

Google AdSense:

Great account to keep track of the money you earn by broadcasting content on the internet. It gives you the opportunity to see your earnings, get alerts, and view the overall reports across all the devices. It makes possible to review the advertisement according to the content and the audience. Consequently, space for the advertisement is filled up by the relevant ads, which brings in more money. From the performance report, it is easy to see the issue which needs attention. Correcting it will generate more money. The stats can also be seen on AdSense mobile app. AdSense also allows you to conduct experiments to compare the variations to enhance performance. First, you need to select the type of advertisement you want for your content. The advertisement could be in the form of text, display or both. Then choose the location on your site where the ad should show up. To do so, you need to copy and paste a piece of code on your site where you wish the advertisement to appear. Then the advertisers will compete and bid for that space in the real-time auction. The process of money transfer across the related parties is done by AdSense.

Google Alerts

It helps to monitor the web if a specific keyword or phrases pop up. You will get the alert via RSS or email (whichever you have chosen while setting up the account). It will send you an alert whenever there is any mention of your interest. You can keep track of whenever your company’s name is mentioned. Your competitors may try to defame you while your loyal beings may praise you on the internet. Isn’t it enough to keep track of such activities to become more aware of your product? Finding recommendations, critical reviews and praises are important parts for the marketers. Hence, this free tool is a must-know Google tool. You can also follow the trending news or products related to the industry. Just by assigning the related keywords to the inbox, you can get regular updates.

Google Webmaster Tools

It can provide you with the information related to the traffic on the site, Site Health and also suggestions to optimize it. So, it will track your site’s search performance with Google Search Console and browse around for more webmaster resources. If it detects something fishy, you will get help using the top issues list and from the support documentation and testing tools. Making a site which can appear in the search results at the top can boost income. Google Webmaster Tools does all that. It will help you to make great sites for the marketers and users. Consequently, the end site will be of quality and search-friendly.

Google Scholar

If you want to find some scholarly articles to do a research work like writing a research paper, then Google Scholar is the place to visit. It gives you much more meaningful results than Google Search Engine would produce. The results usually include articles, books or research papers written by University Professors, scholars and other academic individuals or groups. It also gives the statistics of the number of citations the content has been cited by other scholars.

Google URL Shortener (goo.gl)

To share a long URL is not worth looking. To shorten a given URL, visit: goo.gl and input the long URL and click “SHORTEN UR”. The resulted short URL can be copied and pasted at the required place. It can also show you important statistics related to the URL. It can show you the number of clicks, referrers, etc. of the URL.

Google Retail

Google Retail helps you to sell your products worldwide. Its minimalistic design makes easier transactions which further helps to enhance the retailer experience. It helps to find the shoppers for you. Hence, by showcasing your advertisements to the shoppers, you can boost the retail experience in one go. Once you made the advertisement and let it reach to the shoppers for some time, Google Retail also creates a performance report at backstage. The report can show you the issues which need kind attention, which will consequently boost the income. After showcasing your inventory to the shoppers, you can also create a Trusted Store. It is used to display the customer rating and to manage inventory. Several other tools like Merchant Center, Shopping Campaigns, Local Inventory Ads, Android Pay, and Google Express can also be used side by side to boost income. However, some of their usages also depend on the location of the business.

Google My Business

For the small business, it is a great tool to mark your presence on the website. It makes easier to create and update your business listing. This helps the user to bring in more customers. It happens because you appear in the search when people are looking for you. Creating and updating the information about your business on this platform makes you more accessible for the people looking for you. Information like pictures, contact information, opening/closing time and reviews from the web makes it easier to find you. You can also share the promotional offers and new collections to keep the people updated on you. With its minimalistic design, Google My Business makes it easier to create a website on your phone. With the templates available, one can also edit the text and photos according to his needs. As people can review your products, you can use it as a platform to solve issues people have, thus bridging the gap between you and the consumer.

Google Drive

Google Drive provides 15GB of free cloud storage to its users. One can upload files like photos, videos, documents, etc. to the Google Drive. But that’s not it. It also serves the purpose of sharing the document with the team members during collaboration. And the sharing can be done by just sharing the link and not the huge chunk of the file. Hence, it saves time while sending the large files as compared to sharing files in a conventional way.

Google News

In this busy world, no one has time to go through the news related to all sections of the world. It is indispensable for one to pick up and read the relevant news only. Google News comes in handy in such circumstances. Here, you just choose your interest and it will pull over the relevant news. Apart from the area of interest, it also asks the region, sources, language, frequency and destination for delivery (RSS or email). Not only it saves time but also keeps you focused, by eradicating all the distractions.

Google Books

A great platform for avid readers to read books from all genres. Not only it is a great source for digitized books, but it is also a great place to get some recommendations. Based on the type of books you like to read, Google gives you recommendations for similar kind of books. It also gives reviews and other important anecdotes of the book to the readers. If the publisher has given the permission, one can see a few excerpts from the book and in some cases, the entire book. One can also borrow the print book from the library. It is also a great way to sell books by listing it on Google Books. As the recommendation option will direct your selling book to the right audience, the chances of selling your book soar.

Google voice

Google voice merges all your phones and gives you a single number for communication. It avoids the situation Aof having multiple numbers. After setting up the Google voice, all the numbers inputted come under a single umbrella, they become a subset of a single number. You can customize the routing options according to your needs. Google Voice offers the ample number of option for routing. You can also choose what to do when your phone rings. You can pick up the call, you can send it to voicemail or record the call. Interestingly, if the caller is not from your contact list, his/her name is asked by Google Voice and then it is replayed. Due to its minimalistic design, it is easier to manage and organize the details of the conversations. The spams are filtered automatically, and it allows you to decide who can reach you.

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Tips for Successful Business

Creating your own successful business is not a cakewalk. There are no shortcuts to its success. Instead one needs to be on top of all aspects to get it right. Here is the curated list of tips that could be handy.

  1. Marketing: After making the product, it is indispensable to market your product to gain maximum benefit. Most start-ups focus on the type of the product, but they don’t focus on showcasing their product in front of the market. Its value is displayed not in its quality but how you show its value to the public. Hence, the heavy focus on marketing becomes inevitable if you want to take the success road.
  2. Use Digital Tools: As we live in the digital world, it is necessary to use digital tools to spread your business exponentially. The tools can be used to help to design the product, manage the team, keep track of money transaction and for collaborative projects. Google tools can become handy while keeping track of the above things. Google Analytics can be used to compare your data with the aggregated data of other industries. It also keeps you aware and updated about your industry’s recent developments. It becomes easier to point out the issue which needs immediate attention.
  3. Listen to the customers: For a business to run successfully, it is imperative to respond to the customers in the most appropriate manner. As Bill Gates said, “Your unsatisfied customers are the source for the growth of your business”. Hence, it is indispensable for you to listen to the customers to reach their expectations or to improve the existing product.
  4. Build trust: If there are multiple complaints about a issue, then it clearly demands attention. Such investigations will not only improve the product but also augment the trust between you and the customers. For the initial years in a business, it is perhaps the most important thing.
  5. Evaluate your product: Evaluating the product also comes in handy while expanding the business. If customers cannot use your product effectively, then it is your fault, and not the customers’. Hence, constant evaluation and appropriate changes will bring out the best of your product. The willingness to make a change in your product rather than sticking to the older one is a way to move forward.
  6. Make hard decisions: To deal with the unsatisfied customers, sometimes people act for the sake of formal investigation. They do not have the inner will to solve their problem. In this way, they run away from the customer’s calling and consequently it affects the business in a negative manner. If it is strong will crush the unsatisfied services, implement new policies and technologies in your product, then there will be a reinforcement of trust of your product among people. So, instead of ignoring the unhappy customers to remain in the comfortable zone, it is better to listen, evaluate and solve their problem and to move forward.
  7. Keep track of money: As it is difficult to keep track of money flow among several transactions, it is better to use off-shelf accounting system to keep a check on the transaction. The failure to do so will not only decrease the income but will create misunderstandings among your consumers. This chaos will result in mistrust and consequently decrease in sale.
  8. Don’t lose your job: As it takes time, usually three to five years to expand your business in a true manner, profits seem to appear after that. So, it is important to have some financial security in your daily job.
  9. Reward innovation: It is better to devote time for brainstorming rather than building the old product and following the old management. It will motivate your employees to work towards the building of the future of your company. Also, the employees and customers feel a sense of satisfaction when their bosses listen to their ideas rather.
  10. Get daily inspiration: Without the passion for a cause, your business will be short-lived. Hence, it is imperative to find something which keeps you in action.
  11. Invest in education: Having a good command of your surroundings is a big win before taking the risk in the business. Read relevant articles, books, magazines, blogs and other online content to learn about the advancements in the industry and to help yourself to excel in other facets of life.
  12. Make a financial model: A healthy financial plan of expenditure, profit and surplus is a good way to demonstrate your willingness before taking any decision.
  13. Funding: Seek the angel investors, meet them professionally and personally. Try to convince them by telling them about your financial model and about the cause of why you started it.
  14. Tax ID: It is perhaps the most important thing to get while doing business. It is a unique identity which will be given to you.
  15. Talk to mentors: Take regular advice from your experienced mentors before taking the decision. They have better resources and contacts which can show you a better way than anticipated.
  16. Focus on uniqueness: It is not important to make a unique product, but it is important to work in a unique way rather than following the crowd. It not only keeps you motivated but also makes a value for your brand.
  17. Test your brand: To strengthen the foundations of your brand, it is important to put your brand to test against the odds you face.
  18. Do digital campaign: As digital campaigning is not only cheap but also transparent as compared to other methods of campaigning, the chances of getting a boost will soar.
  19. Get updates: By signing up to the Google News, make aware of yourself about the industry. It is necessary to get updated about the trending things and learn some lessons from others. Being updated not only helps you to gain knowledge but you also learn about the latest developments being implemented in your industry.
  20. Change your thoughts: Change your thoughts to change your action. It is believed that your thoughts become your voice, your voice becomes your actions, your actions become your habit and finally, your habits build the character. Hence, it is a good way to change your thoughts to ace the competition. Install new technologies and execute strategies to fasten your progress. And it all begins with an idea, with a thought. Hence, it is imperative to control your thoughts. It will give a new direction to you and to your company.
  21. Hire employees: Increase your team to expand your team. It is necessary to hire the different type of talents to give a broader sense of perspective in the team. Hiring more people not only gives you more human potential but also gives you a pool of ideas. However, it is imperative to manage the administration properly. Employees should be taken care of properly so that they can give you fruitful results later on.
  22. Seek long-term clients: Find long-term clients to secure your business in the long run. It is more like a permanent client for your company. So, make sure to make the strong connection with them. Make sure to meet them professionally and personally. They can be of great help to you and may rescue you in times of need.
  23. Work on your website: In the digital world, people search for your product online. Hence, it is important for your product to look good on the website. The way the website showcases your product is the first impression for the shoppers. You can also give promotional offers on the website. It will give fast access to your customers, hence soaring your income.
  24. Take care of your employees: With healthy employees come healthy business result. So, make favourable policies for your employees. Giving them health insurance, counselling and training about sensitive issues are imperative for a healthy community.
  25. Make network: It is imperative to connect with business people and other related organizations to expand your business. It can boost your income exponentially and will be much more beneficial than advertising.
  26. Track your sales: Just selling your time is not sufficient. Keeping track your sales will give you insights into improving your sales strategy. Making a healthy charge sheet after the sale will help you to attend the issues which demand immediate attention.
  27. Give local taxes: Consult your related employee to make sure that you file your tax returns on time. Otherwise, you will get in trouble by paying the fine. It will also bring down your reputation. Hence, it is better to pay local taxes on time. So, it is a good way to hire people who keep you updated about the taxation policies. The government also introduce schemes every year. Hence, it is better to look for such relevant schemes to save some money.
  28. Get legal advice: Get legal advice from your legal staff to avoid any legal complications in the future. It is a good way to be aware of the rules and regulations of the industry you are involved in. With the new upcoming policies like GST, not only you will be able to catch up with the Government quicker than your competitors, but also you can find certain relevant schemes introduced by the Government.
  29. Take appropriate Government permits: You should take necessary licenses to start the business. It is also necessary to be updated about the latest amendments to avoid any legal complications in the future.
  30. Decide what you want to initiate: Brainstorm about the resources, finance and human potential you have before taking any risky decision or to switch to a new product. As you have strong future, you have a higher chance to succeed. You can better explain your vision and your plans to your consumer and your employees. But you should consider every aspect possible before making any final decisions. Hence, it is recommended to consult relevant officers and legal advisors.
  31. Find the appropriate locations: Open offices at the appropriate locations, which you find necessary. You can also open virtual offices to expand your business.
  32. Find quality labour: With quality labour, you can spread your startup exponentially. While it is expensive to get the quality labour, but you cannot deny the fact that your potential can be utilised at other places. In this way, your concise and sharp employees will help you to leap forward.
  33. Track your manufactures: It is important to keep a check on your source of the raw materials. Keeping a close eye in such a market can land you a great deal than the previous one. You can get pretty good deals if you keep track of your contracts and finances digitally. You can then easily compare the finances among the available manufacturers.
  34. Redesign management structure: Implementing changes to enhance the efficiency of the workflow is important. It helps you to tackle upcoming shortcomings in the daily corporate world.
  35. Keep a clear vision: It is easier to explain your ideas to your employees and to your consumers if you have a clear vision. It also keeps you confident when in doubt. Keeping a clear vision also keep away from the distraction and keep you on the right track. Further, it becomes easier to succeed on the well-planned path
  36. Sell your product in bulk: It is important to sell your product to the masses. It decreases the dependency and increases security. Keeping such a vision will help you to leap forward easily.
  37. Fixed cost: During the initial years, it may be possible to change the costs to keep your product live. During such variations being done in the market experiment, we can get the required pattern. Once, we get to know the market and its pattern, we can then fix the cost while selling.
  38. Focus on negotiation: Negotiation for your product while making deals/contracts can save up a lot of time in planning other finances. Hence, it is imperative to sweat to prepare for the negotiation.
  39. Be competitive: If you are not competitive enough, then it will have adverse effects on your product. Your company will become stagnant and lose innovation. Hence, it is imperative to compete in your industry arena.
  40. Increase your investors and customer: Without customers, there won’t be any investors, and without investors, there won’t be any customers. This golden rule should be kept in mind while expanding the business. So, it is important to know that an increase in investors and increase in customers go hand in hand.
  41. Earn while you sleep: In the words of Warren Buffett, the most successful investor, “If you don’t earn while your sleep, you will keep earning until you die”. You should implement smart plans to gain passive incomes. It will increase your financial security and can rescue you in the difficult time.
  42. Invest in other companies: When you become self-sufficient and your business is running smoothly, you should invest in other companies to bring in money for your company and for other investments. But excessive analyze should be done before making any bold investment.
  43. Identify the loyals: Loyalty programs can boost your sale three to four times to gain new customers. Identifying the loyals is beneficial will prove to be beneficial while spreading your business.
  44. Find new opportunities: Increase your knowledge by augmenting your understanding of the demographic. It will generate fruitful results and the opportunity to move forward.
  45. Do cold-calling: In this way, you can connect to new people, and boost your sales. In this way, you can encounter the massive number of audiences cheaply. It is generally cheaper than an advertisement. However, it has its own cons. You cannot get to the right audience. So, there is a low chance of meeting the right person or organization which will show interest in your business. Nevertheless, it is a great way to expand your business.
  46. Offer franchise: Giving the franchise to other people helps you to generate a huge revenue. After making a name of your company, you can easily use your brand name for making money. It is great to generate passive income. But it is imperative for your brand to become the ace in the industry, otherwise, it will cause failure. However, you should keep a strict check on the franchise to make sure that it does not defame you. So, it should generate the revenue rather increasing your expenses.
  47. Trade Globally: Because of internationalisation and the internet, it is now possible to penetrate through geographical borders. With the help of flexible policies, one can expand his business through the global market. It will not only boost your sales but also create a formidable reputation across the world.
  48. Advertise yourself: To reach to the targeted people fast, it is important to invest in marketing and advertising your product through different channels of media. Means of advertisement hugely depends on the type of industry you operate. If you work in the digital company, then digital campaigning will generate you the better result than giving advertisement in the print media or on Television.
  49. Make partnerships: Connect to like-minded people of different. Pool your resources and get down to work. Some people see partnerships as the division of income generated. But, a successful leader should the partnership as an opportunity as a division of labour and to expand the business.
  50. Your brand is everything: Successful businessman knows that their brand name is the most crucial thing in the market. Hence, they put a lot of stakes to save the reputation of their brand value. According to Warren Buffet, “It takes twenty years to build a reputation while it takes a moment for it to be destroyed”. Hence, it can be inferred that the value of your brand should sustain against all odds.
5 must have android apps
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5 Best Android Apps 2018 Essential Apps

With billions of Android apps to download from the Google Play store, it’s comprehensible that you might impression a bit rudderless. Don’t fret – we’re here to guide you through the wilderness of the Google Play store and offer up the best Android apps accessible.:et us have a great look at best 5 must have android apps of 2018.

We’ve itemized the 5 must have Android apps any phone could want, sorted by type from social and entertaining to suitability and travel apps. You may notice that there are no games in the list. That’s not an oversight, it’s because we have the best Android games listed away. To be clear, we’re not saying you should download every one of these – it’s just that, if an app sounds attractive, it shouldn’t disillusion.

 1. Google Opinion Rewards (free – and actually earns you money!)

Get paid for super-quick surveys from Google.

5 must have android apps

 While many are free, some of the best Android apps in this list require you to pay actual money. If you’re a skinflint, that’s a problem, which is why you should definitely have Google Opinion Rewards installed.

Complete short surveys for Google and you’ll be given credit to spend on the store. Sometimes that could be 50p, sometimes 10p, but it all adds up and no survey takes longer than a minute or two. Seriously, download this now.

 2. Gboard – the Google keyboard (Free)

Ditch your stock keyboard. This is the ultimate

5 must have android apps

Gboard is the ultimate keyboard for Android. That’s partially as its plagiarized the greatest features from elsewhere – Glide Typing is unusually similar to Swype for example – but it’s more than that. Google search is built right into it, meaning that whereever you in Android you can quickly search for things. Someone wants to know where you’re meeting? Get the address without leaving the chat window. Want to drop a GIF in to show your frustrating at Googling on their behalf? Google a GIF and send it right back…

Voice typing and keyboard themes really round off the package. It’s hard to imagine using anything else, for me.

 3. Solid Explorer File Management (£1.50; with two-week free trial)

A less painful way of managing your phone

5 must have android apps

Yes, it’s dull, but have you ever found an Android phone to have a sensible way of navigating your files like you’d find on PC or Mac? I certainly haven’t. This is where Solid File Explorer comes in. It uses Google’s own Sensible Design style for an easy to use capability, which makes moving your files about and regaining space a doddle. What’s more, it links up to cloud storage systems so you can easily move files to and fro, and the latest version lets you lock important files with a fingerprint, should you wish.

It’s £1.50 to unlock, but you can try it out free of charge for 14 days to see if you get the use from it. For me, it was a total no-brainer.

4. Avast Antivirus & Security (free; with in-app purchases)

Keep malware from your handset with AV protection

5 must have android apps

Avast Antivirus & Security is a powerful antivirus app that you can trust; its PC counterpart was one of the best free antiviruses of 2015. For those who want comprehensive cover, plenty of additional features are available as in-app purchases, including geofencing and remote data recovery. For those who just want simple defense, however, you’ll find this does all you need for free.

5. LastPass Password Manager (free)

Complex security you don’t have to remember

5 must have android apps

We all know the rules about password security, but we also know it’s really, really boring to be good. Fortunately, LastPass takes away the hard work, making it easy to be secure. And it’s free, to boot.

You’ll need to spend a little time setting it up, but once you’re done on desktop, you’re good to go on mobile. LastPass will generate long and hard to crack passwords unique to each site. The beauty is that you never need to memorise it. The app will detect a login screen, you sign in with your master password or thumbprint and it will automatically fill in your details. Security for the lazy!


last but not the least; there exist lot morewhich my no doubt be added in these 5 must have android apps but research and latets updates always vary.Maybe next tome some others add up.

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List of Reliable Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Program Links

Affiliate marketing is all about trust and faith you gain through your channels. Yes! This is for sure true. True in all cases, all senses, and in all modes. Your customers need to have the best trust on you so that they return and make regular purchases just from you but nobody else. This has to be the same trust as search engines does on you keeping your content, online repute, existence, presence, and ranking on the top provided that you do not play with them. Online shopping is all about opinions and smartness you need to show for the best results. This is same as we like using Google as top most search engine or YouTube as platform for videos mostly. Did you ever think? Why don’t we go for Bing or Daily Motion for these purposes on regular basis? This is because they have certain presence and they stick to it with the best quality, fame, presence, and repute and they prove it. This has to take place for affiliate marketing too where your customers will blindly trust you for your products and services and will be sure that you have displayed the products for them, which you have self-tested for sure. This also comes with an idea that the product you are promoting must be as per customer needs or demographics or insights i.e. you have to know what customer needs instead of promoting something blindly, which is entirely useless. Hence, product as well as its promotion has to be relevant as well as matching in all cases. There are numerous companies running their affiliate campaigns and hiring experienced and smart affiliates for making their products’ sales and giving them handsome commissions for best revenues. This can be done by making use of any channel i.e. website or word of mouth or any media you as there is no limitation given by the companies because they just need results in the form of sales. More sales you get more revenues you attain and more projects you are provided. Affiliate marketing programs exist in great number and are mostly reliable. Many experts all over the world get themselves registered in these programs and right after approval, join them as affiliate. Approvals, on the other hand, from these programs are also not that easy as there are numerous factors to be considered for sure. Programs successfully manage customers, their invoices, and provide them 24X7 support for the said orders. Many advertisers prefer having these networks as they have related experiences and can manage the things easily on their behalf just because of the trust, reliability, and ease of use they experience. 100s of affiliate programs do exist worldwide but all of them are not recommended. Most of them are known for their quality in products, merchants, and higher commissions and few of them are even spams and fake too. There exist lots of them as we said before but choosing one of them is always recommended. They include Amazon, EBay, MaxBounty, Click bank, and much more. But this always depends on you what to choose and how to promote their products. One thing should be kept in mind that is always is a long term relationship with the company you choose and one has to be aware that he or she should not violate any of their terms in any case else their all earnings will get forfeited. Let us have a quick look at three best of them along with their slight introduction, commission discussions, pros/cons, and much more. The three best of them include:

Amazon Affiliates Program

The first and foremost and the best of all programs is Amazon. Nobody can deny the fact that Amazon pays the best commissions. It is not only the world’s largest ecommerce platform but also provides people with Amazon Associates, which is for sure the largest and the biggest affiliate program in the world having more than million affiliates. It is no doubt the first option for affiliates as it sells each and everything under the sun irrespective of the niche, category, or anything. All products can be found easily at Amazon at extreme ease. Most of the digital products available at Amazon are low priced ones and it is safe to say that affiliates love having Amazon just because of its physical products and best customer reviews. The ability of Amazon is to convert visitors into customers and all of them are returning ones for sure. It has been researched latest that Amazon’s average conversion rate is approx. 75% having more than 90 million members worldwide. This means that if you simply refer almost 100 members to Amazon, at least 14 of them will surely convert to buyers and maybe few of them become prime members as most of them are from USA making conversion rates bit higher.


  • Unlimited Niches

  • Easy to signup

  • High conversion rate

  • Add to cart option gives you commission even purchased after 24 hours

  • Best trust on Amazon by its customers

  • Positive reviews against most of the products

  • Referring visitors give best commissions

  • Best holiday spikes at Amazon


  • Comparatively low commissions

  • Accounts get suspended even for minor TOC violations

  • You won’t get commissions if user purchases after 24 hours until or unless he adds your product in his cart on previous visit

  • Lot of traffic to produce for products and sometimes no revenues come

  • Visitors don’t get converted easily need massive consultations regarding products sometimes

Findings Best Selling Products

It is never easy as you always do not know what to promote and what users exactly want. You need to study customer insights and need to check what actually is required by customers and in which locations. You need to have a well-defined niche and you should promote products in that specific niche only. You have to keep a constant check that which products are performing best in which areas and how things will work. Do a bit of keyword research as well as product research to get good results. This is one time effort but will let you earn massive commissions later. There are certain tools i.e. AmaSuites, which you can use for this purpose but you do not have to rely on just one tool because each of them provides users with various results. Just have demographic check and perform best keyword as well as product research for best results. There are various bloggers and experts who are in the market and are earning higher revenues from their platforms just because customers as well as search engines have created utmost trust on them and purchases made from their platforms on regular basis.

EBay Partner Network

EBay, on the other hand, is also the one with popular ratios in the market. Its partner network cannot be denied in any case and is proven best right after Amazon affiliates. EBay is standing among world’s largest and the most famous eCommerce platforms. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, you can even sell your products using auctions. Other platforms only provide you with opportunity to purchase but EBay also lets you purchase as well as sell being a customer. This can be done using auctions available on the website. It comprises of a huge affiliate program commonly known as EBay partner network. The platform is very popular among bloggers, marketers, and advertisers. The purpose of having the network is to sell a product and earn some percentage of commission. Commission varies as per each product’s price. Some are paid way higher and some are very low as per demands of users. EBay charges transaction fee against each product giving significant benefit to the sellers as their commission value significantly increases. The most amazing fact about EBay is that they provide double commissions to new affiliates for first 3 months just to motivate them and they make more sales in future increasing company’s revenues. Like Amazon, EBay is also a trusted platform ever experienced by customers having positive and the best reviews all over the world especially USA having good buying rates and repute. Just the purpose and methods are same here as we saw in Amazon i.e. choose higher paying products by doing some keyword as well as product research in designated areas and choose any of them. Later promote them using any media or channel online and earn handsome commissions on each sale respectively. Finding best-selling products on EBay is way easy as compared to Amazon. You just need to visit EBay after creating your account and getting approval. You will see top products page in your front. Each product will be listed under the respective category and there will be numerous categories for you to choose. Just choose any of them and choose the product yourself. Keep in mind that you need to have a proper eye on customer insights as we discussed before in Amazon so that you do not choose wrong products, which may cost you a lot in near future. Numerous bloggers and advertisers love using EBay as affiliate program form them as they believe that it is better than Amazon in commissions as well as user reviews. But it is just an opinion, which may vary from person to person as per his niche and experience. Moreover, you can visit their website to know more about the program because they change commission values time by time and policies as well as terms of conditions for the affiliate programs. They always not are keeping everything same just because of numerous affiliate registrations and customer reviews. Let us have a quick look at pros and cons of the said program.


  • EBay is a trusted platform and numerous affiliates register themselves ion daily basis

  • Account creation at EBay is not difficult and one can easily register and start using the same if he or she has a well-running online e channel i.e. YouTube or any blog or media for promotion

  • Visitor to buyer conversion rate is awesome for EBay as compared to Amazon

  • Unlimited niched and products they offer for their valuable customers


  • EBay does not have much public success stories widely available as compared to any other platform Amazon

  • Sometimes their commission rates and adjustments get confusing

  • They change their TOC more often making everything confusing sometimes

  • Accounts get approved with too much efforts and get banned very easily with minor mistakes

  • Commission structure is quite competitive

  • Auctions payout is quite low

Many successful bloggers and experts are working under this program and are earning handsome amounts and consider it much better than any other program. Many of them are even earning six figures from the said program and are putting lots of effort son daily basis. Many companies hire expert affiliate professionals for this purpose and assign daily tasks to them for higher revenues. This should be noted that you can promote the products online through your blog or website also but for this, you need to have good SEO of your website for fruitful results. Basically, you would do SEO and bring traffic at your blog and earn huge income through sales, which you may get through customers you target and bring at your channel. This includes many ways i.e. sharing on media promotions, having chats, personal contacts, word of mouth, and much more.


Jet, as name suggests, will let you fly in the air with higher notes if you make goods sales through them. The best affiliate program after EBay is Jet, which came in existence in 2015 but gained much importance, fame, and popularity in short span of time. Jet gained lots of face and momentum just because customers loved it right because of its low prices and huge commissions. The platform suits best for customers as well as advertisers because low prices it offer for customers and huge profits it gives to sellers. The major working method Jet follows is of algorithm, which runs for the customers to give them low prices as per their choices and saves their searches for future use. The platform is also very attractive for affiliates as registration as well as promotion is quite easier on the said platform. Many items it provides including DVD, kitchen products, electronics, sports, house products, and much more.


  • It is an ideal alternate to Amazon. Just problem with the platform is that many customers don’t know it but most of them are coming to know it and are loving it

  • Commissions are higher for sellers and prices are low for customers

  • Best and fast growing eCommerce platform for last two years after EBay


  • No proven success stores like EBay

  • TOC change too often causing significant issues

  • Sometimes delivery of products get delayed due to new staff

  • No training to staff given and chat bots not available for support but only calls

 Many more to discuss but these three are the top most as per their repute and results. It always depends that how you promote the products then you earn commissions on sales. If it is by your website, you need to check that site should be SEO optimized and proper research of keywords and customer insights has to be there and similarly, you need to bring related traffic to the site to convert visitors to customers. The best thing in all these three platforms is that when user clicks on your affiliate link, he can purchase anything and it is not mandatory at all for him to buy only that product he has clicked. The other way is to have any social media account where you do boosting or promotion or any online existence like YouTube channel for best marketing of your products. Last but not the least; whatever way you decide, you need to have proper research about the network you would choose as per customer review, commissions, pay method’s, and many other factors. This will let you have best insights and by this, you would be able to recommend the same to your friends and circles too so that they also get themselves enroll in the said program. This will not only help them but would also let you have good referral commissions and this is the major objective of all of these programs.

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Facebook Marketing Tips – 30 All Together

30 Tips for Facebook Marketing

Facebook is an excellent social network system to provide awareness about your business. However, it can be challenging for little enterprise proprietors to know where to start with when it comes to their presence on the social networking website. That’s why I have collected a listing of Facebook marketing suggestions to help you build a valuable Facebook page for your business, so you may start advertising your services or products to a broader audience.

1. Hire a Freelance worker to Run Your Facebook Marketing

You know Facebook is a fantastic and an excellent way to market your business, but are you feeling confused by establishing up and maintaining a presence on social? Get someone else to develop your business for you using Fiverr. Beginning as low as $5, freelance workers on Fiverr will do everything from building up your social networking information to running entire ad techniques. You will feel free after spending little money.

2. Mine for details with Facebook Analytics

Facebook analytics comes stuffed with a variety of useful features that allow you to see how customers and leads are communicating with your app, site, Facebook page, etc. Facebook developers declared a variety of new features arriving at Analytics’ already complete suite. The following were vital among them:

  • A new smartphone app. same as Google Analytics, you can now review analytics from your paid social campaign on your smartphone.
  • Auto-detected funnels. Use synthetic intellect to discover repeating paths customers take within your app or website.
  • Custom ideas. Add events within Facebook Statistics to create personal ideas.

3. Create a Facebook Business Page to Promote Your Business free

This one’s by me. The first thing to marketing your business on Facebook is to create a business Facebook page. It may seem overwhelming initially; I walk you through all of the activities necessary to develop a professional Facebook business page. With over one billion dollars Facebook customers, your potential customers are using the website. Having a webpage is a free way to develop your business and connect with those current and potential customers.

4. The Free Techniques to Improve Your Facebook Page Likes

There are plenty of methods to develop you without spending any money. Some of these techniques will focus on increasing your natural post reach because the more you are liked and shared, the easier reach and exposure increase. You can share your post with a little message to like and share with friends. Ultimately, this is what will result in the natural development of your page.

5. Capture the technical aspect of Facebook Advertising

No doubt, Facebook marketing is already highly effective, to start with, but with some light knowledge of how its pixel performs and some code adjustment, you possibly can ensure it is even better.

The problem is most marketers don’t challenge to go into the ‘code-side’ of things though they should. It is not that complicated process. You can get skills and tips of code placement through Youtube videos to become a good Facebook Business Control, and gain a lot of knowledge to improve your Facebook techniques.

6. Hire a Facebook Marketing Partner

No doubt, Paid advertising is most effective and quickest way for fast improvement of your page, but you can make your advertising budget with the help on Facebook and Youtube. As a full-service marketer and digital services provider, they likewise have many services that will boost your overall online presence. The good marketing partner will improve your page and naturally, the sales will improve. With little business commission, you can hire a good and professional Facebook marketing partner.

7. Generate Leads with Facebook Lead Ads

Like Fabric ads, Facebook lead ads are a mobile-only service, and they were designed so promoters could abandon delivering leads to complicated smartphone landing pages. The lead forms are ideal for accumulating names and job headings, get in touch with details, demographics, numbers pretty much any information that can be used to develop or remarket your items. Also, because your lead form reveals right within the Facebook app, your leads need not head to your website to give that details.

Lead ads are efficient, cheap, and best of all, the get in touch with the information you gather can be used to develop custom and lookalike remarketing viewers.

8. Facebook Cover Image Don’ts and Do’s

Choosing the best cover photo for your Facebook page is very critical because it is the first thing individuals will notice when they land on your page. Getting the best and relevant cover image or photo will enhance your page look and attract the visitor with the good first impression to your page.

9. The Complete Secrets and techniques for Growing Your Organic Facebook Reach

Facebook has a down part. Its strange criteria make it difficult for many organisations on Facebook to reach all of their lovers. If you want not to prefer the natural approach, then you definitely, need to look at the information. It provides techniques that may help you reach more of your customers, without spending Facebook for marketing. One of my most favourite is non-peak hours, posting at odd, which are totally against the usual understanding, but you will find the amazing the reason behind it.

10. Use Videos More Effectively on Facebook

My most popular tip is for those who sell products or services on their websites and have “Like” buttons connected to them. Share your videos and movie clips. However, if you have videos of your specific product and service, you can make your experiences with your videos more appealing!

Imagine that every time someone prefers a product, it will share videos displaying that product in an attractive way or if it is a service, a meeting of a client saying how he took advantage of your service. The opportunities are unlimited with your effective videos.

11. Structure Your Account the Right Way

Assured in your AdWords grinds, and think that will turn to success getting your Facebook ads? Facebook and AdWords account structures have some main variations, and it is essential to get a control on them for making the most out of each system. Facebook costs are managed at the ads of set level as different to the plan level that lets for greater power over how much you spend in particular viewers. You can use our formula for account structure success such as:

  • Choose an offer based on your particular marketing purpose. If you want to targeted visitors your home page for driving app installs, use two different campaigns.
  • Break out the ad sets based on developed cost management and budgeting.
  • Cycle those ad places through your current ways of a campaign of determining where your CPA can be found.

For more on each of these activities, and to discover how to incorporate your ad account structure with the product sales channel,

12. How to Market Your Small Business on Facebook free

Getting Facebook lovers for your Facebook business page is essential. However, succeeding on Facebook requires an active contribution. You can’t expect customers to like your page if you are only slightly involved. The whole point of social networking is to be social. Even though you are a little business, your lovers want to see the human part of you. In this information, I’ll show you how to humanise your business personality by posting interesting and informative post.

13. Don’t Sweat a Small Budget

Running an excellent Facebook plan is less about having a huge budget than about increasing the one at your convenience. With little costs, optimisation becomes ever more essential. Also, to fully improve your new and current techniques and campaigns, you are going to have to be smart with Google analytics.

14. Your Customer Profile Pic is Way More Important than Your Cover Photo

When developing your Facebook business page, pay special attention to your profile picture. It is the essential picture of your business because it is what reveals up in news nourishes. Your customers will discover to affiliate your profile picture with your product, to ensure that it is an affiliate of your business.

15. Find innovative methods to add more photos

Visual marketing is successful. Sharing images is still the best way to get in touch with your fans and customers. Photos are more convincing than sharing web links and take up extra space in the newsfeed than any other type of post.

Think of different methods you can integrate more images. If you are connecting to a short article, post an image from the post as a picture and then share the link within the position upgrade.

16. Use Sponsored Posts


You want a post from your web page to reach your lovers. However, because your submissions are competitive not only with other businesses but also with all of your fans’ friends, most of your post won’t likely be seen in your fans’ newsfeeds.

Page Post ads allow you to have improved reach for the post you want to make sure is seen by many individuals. The post will demonstrate up in your fans’ newsfeeds as a Sponsored Post, and is a great way to get more opinions, prefers and clicks!

17. Include your lovers and fans in product decisions

Engage your product with your fans so that they can decide. Whether your product is service related or physical, involve your fans so that they can decide to choose your service or physical product.

As close to the affiliate marketing as possible, ask your lovers and fans for their feedback. If appropriate, include images of the possible options in your service and physical products.

18. All Facebook Image Dimensions: Ads, Posts, Timeline

When you are in the process of developing your Facebook page, you need to know the exact metrics for maximum pictures. Look no further than the information. The images create a good impression especially on Facebook, so you need to decide which size attracts the Facebook user.

19. Not All Facebook Ad Positions Are Made Equal

While the beginner Facebook marketer, it may opt for automatic ad placements, deciding to change where you position your ads can have a big impact on your campaign success. You can run you ads campaign in different places within Facebook especially in these four categories:

  • The Audience Network
  • Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Facebook’s desktop and mobile newsfeeds

Also, within those placements, you have three different options on which your ads will run:

  • All Devices
  • Desktop only
  • Mobile only

Depending on which devices you select, certain ad placements may not be at your convenience. Moreover, certain placements work best when used together with particular campaigns, engagement campaign and traffic campaign etc.

20. Experience Lookalike Audiences

Facebook lookalike viewers exist in the space between layered and remarketing. Creating lookalikes is the exercise of utilising the information you would use to develop Custom Audiences to create viewers that have identical features but signify a new section of potential customers. Like Custom Audiences, lookalike viewers are best used together with layered targeting. Including layered targeting to lookalike, viewers are particularly an efficient way to control viewer’s size say if you are worried your lookalike is not qualified, or too large for your financial budget.

21. Get Familiar with Custom Audiences

For a more granular knowledge of Facebook remarketing, you should gain facility with Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences allow you to focus on five different user segments:

  • Customer File. Match email address, Facebook user IDs and phone number to current Facebook accounts and focus on those accounts.
  • Website Traffic. Target individuals who have frequented your page, or particular pages of your site.
  • Offline Activity. Target customers who have interacted with your business in-store, through other off-line channels or by cellphone.
  • App Activity. Target customers who have interacted and launched with your game or app.
  • Engagement. Create a listing of opting members who build relationships your business on Instagram or Facebook.

With each of these sections, you have the option of adding layered market, behaviour, and attention targeting to improve your viewers. Don’t just settle for getting your ads in front of leads and customers who have interacted with your brand top of those lists, which can help you getting to the potential customers.

Knowing how to develop and launch a campaign using Custom Audiences is the core of Facebook remarketing. For advice on getting the most out of your Custom Audiences, and for details on how Custom Audiences are changing in the arriving months—due to the GDPR, Facebook is applying a Custom Audiences authorisation tool that will require you to give proof of approval before using Custom Audiences

22. “Like Us” vs “Find Us” on Facebook

Have you looked at what terminology to use when marketing your Facebook page to your users and viewers? “Like Us” and “Find Us” is the best way to promote your page to the audience in an effective way. It will move your visitor to share your business pages with his friends.

23. Utilize the new arranging tool

Facebook allows page administrators to schedule a post to be published later. This type of performance has previously been available through third-party posting platform but is now available for everyone in the local Facebook environment. Given the ongoing uncertain reviews that post planned via others sometimes get lower visibility in the newsfeed, there may be reasons to consider using it.

24. How to Run a Facebook Contest

Running a competition on Facebook is a fantastic way to promote your business. If done efficiently, you’ll walk away with more fans, more likes, and more e-mail members. Consider the competition prize as part of your advertising. It will produce you lots of involvement.

25. How to Create Facebook Post that Goes Extremely Viral

It is old but gold. Everyone wants to make a post that is incredibly well-liked and produces tons of fans and likes. You will research before posting so that it will go viral in the audience with its most effective popular Facebook posts.

26- Be Careful of the GDPR

You have probably observed a bit about the General Data Security Regulation, but you may not know the whole story other than the reality that, it takes complete effect on May 25, 2018. You have also probably observed that Facebook has recently run into a few functional messes regarding its handling of user data. Naturally, Facebook designed a page to address how its plans to control the change it data rules and regulations.

27- Match Your Competitors

It is not always as easy as capturing for as low of a CPA as possible sometimes; it helps to have something to collection yourself up to. You can enjoy your competitors with our much-celebrated Facebook Ad Benchmarks: We mined into our comprehensive customer details, including 256 accounts from 18 different sectors, to get standards for the following four metrics:

  • Average Cost per Click (CPC) on Facebook by industry
  • Average Cost per Action (CPA) on Facebook by industry
  • Average Conversion Rate (CVR) on Facebook by industry
  • Average Click-Through Rate (CTR) on Facebook by industry

28-Create Relevant Facebook Ads

Importance Ranking is Facebook’s measure of the quality and involvement level of your ads. Your Importance Ranking is essential because it decides both your cost per click Facebook and how frequently Facebook reveals your ad. Importance score prevails on a scale of 1 to 10 one comprising a poor ad, and 10 comprising an excellent ad. The lower your relevance score is, the less is relates to your viewers, and the more you are going to have pay to keep it in spinning.

Facebook ratings your ad after it has been provided more than 500 times. Still, the metric is not measured on real engagement it is measured on the Facebook forecasts will be your ad’s involvement based on plan purpose and viewers granularity. Numerous methods to raise your relevance score: testing, hyper-specific targeting, and flat out making excellent ads.

29- Facebook Interest, Behavior & Demographic Targeting

If you are a more recent business with minor website visitors, you probably have little in the way of remarketing choices. If your best bet is going to be layered targeting. The manual targeting is the process to develop viewers according the basis on:

  • Interests—reach customers by looking at their activities, interests and the page they liked, and closely related subjects.
  • Behaviours—reach customers based on purchase device usage, intent, behaviours, and more.
  • Demographics—reach customers by age, relationship status, location, language, sex, and more.

The modus operandi when creating viewers with layered targetin g is to start with wide then move progressively toward more developed, certified, subsets. Because you are beginning on your own, you are CPA is likely going to be a little higher than if you were remarketing to custom viewers, but still, when done efficiently, layered targeting can be an efficient way to break the product sales channel.

30- Leverage Audience Insights

Audience Insights is something, which allows you to get from self-reported Facebook Data and third-party Data to develop new viewers. Where particularly do these details come from? Facebook gives you three options: obtain ideas from everyone on Facebook, from individuals connected to your Page, or from a current Custom Audience.

From there—much like the Custom Audience development process, you are going to want to layer interests and activities on top of your viewers to improve your ideas as much as possible.


Facebook is an awesome online community where local entrepreneurs can link with their customers and spread awareness of their services as well as. After reading the marketing tips especially for your Facebook business pages, you should get the inspiration and the knowledge essential to have an excellent Facebook business page. If you are not completely utilising the power of Facebook, do not fear, you are not alone. Most companies still haven’t realised it out. There is one simple way to take your Facebook marketing to the next level. You will find the best sales using these tips if you apply to your business page.

If you have any additional questions about marketing your business on Facebook, you can post it in the comments section.