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About Almarai

Almarai is the biggest merged dairy farm foods company in the world with an unrivalled repute synonymous with deporting excellence and quality over its total compass of productions. Presently controlling over the gulf area, Almarai employs over thirty-five,a thousand  employees serving a few 50,000 retail outlets with consider that exceeded $3.36 billion in 2014.

almarai jobs

A fast-growing expanding upon curriculum in agreement with accomplishments in new vertical marketplaces including Almarai poultry action have made shaking up chances to join neurasthenic multinational team committed to advancing development plans for the group.

Capital of Saudi Arabia itself is fast becoming a cosmopolitan hub for people from complete the world with its acquiring chances, year-around sunshine and world-class centers and is presently experiencing considerable growth when equated with the rest of the world economic system: 62% of Saudi business firm expanded head count in 2012; pays expanded by an average 6%; the highest rate of job creative activity in the GCC producing considerable chances for career development and riches.

Almarai started in 1976, established in capital of Saudi Arabia, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Almarai Company network broadens in several places the Arabia, leading and acting upon the farming, dairy farm working and food for thought statistical distribution industriousnesses. Please see our company video for more information: subscribe our channel on youtube by the name of apnaypages. 

To provide quality and nutrient food & beverages that enrich consumers’ lives daily.

To be the consumers’ preferable quality by contributing in chosen food market with higher-ranking food & beverage productions.

Adaptable: we’re agile and compromising in our work, with confidence taking bold determinations that benefit our stakeholders. 

We work together as one, openly joining forces and dealing skills & knowledge to enable our people  the best. 

we’re proud of the work we do, and strive for especial results. 

we’re driven to better our business sector daily and to maximise the originative potential of our citizenry. 

We earn respect by embrace bounteousness, trust and integrity in all our human relationship. 

we’re persevering in our work and systematically deport the best quality in everything we do.

Almarai products :
Dairy liquids, yoghurts and desserts, foods, juices, bakery, poultry, infant formula.

Almarai Jobs working for Almarai.
Citizenry are our most of import asset. Attracting the right citizenry, training them and allowing the resources they need to satisfy the demands of a first food company, carries on to be a major priority of Almarai.

The important development achieved in the past few years and the future development plans ex-cogitated have activated many person resource challenges. Presently, we employment around 31,500 employees preponderantly in KSA. This act is potential to carry on to growth. The challenge for the future is to continue to allow a first-class working surround and ensure carried on employee enlisting and keeping. Experience is also appraised in Almarai by giving long avail awarding to employees with ten years, twenty years, thirty and more year’s service.

Almarai considers that committing in employees is polar to defending its competitor reward. We consider in producing an acquiring arrangement, where individuals are allowed chances to enhance their powers and to perform their roles efficaciously. A comprehensive induction program, combined with training and developing enterprises assure that we can meet our business enterprise goals. Great grandness is also placed on improving employee cognizance of health and safety issues and advantageous training is allowed.

How to Apply in Almarai jobs full video tutorial Urdu/Hindi?
How do I apply for a job?

Choice the job of concern & click apply. Complete your profile particularization as many data as conceivable to support your application program. Bind your most up to date CV collectively with covering letter for the selected almarai job.

Do I motive to apply for an especial almarai job?
You motive to put in your practical application for an especial almarai job to check that your political campaign is appraised against the post in which you’ve an interest group.

How many almarai jobs can I apply for?

It’s up to each one candidate to review the responsibility’s, competences and qualifications demanded for a particular almarai job, before making a determination to apply for an advertised post. Hasty conclusions to apply for an almarai job for which you’re clearly not certified, might reflect on your believably.

Can I submit a full general practical application?

We don’t consider full general application. Only application program for advertised almarai jobs are appraised.

What should be in the CV?
A detailed history about your personal, educational and professional person background should be let in the CV. This also includes full general data such Contact Details, Address, educational activity, Languages etc. Your CV is wont to appraise your suitableness for an almarai job as well as reviewing your suitableness for alternating posts within Almarai.

Do I have to complete my profile and bind a CV and covering letter for each practical application?

At one time your profile is completed and a CV is attached you’ll be actuated to save to the system of rules. If you wish to amend or add additional experiences, skills or competences you’re able to edit as needed.
What are the steps in the enlisting action? How will I know the status of my practical application?

Candidates who apply to an almarai job will receive a verification via email positing their application has been received.

Candidates who are being considered for a post and considered suitable for further review will be adjoined for an interview.

Interviewed candidates will commonly be apprised of the outcome of the selection process after a period of about fourteen the least times, candidates may check the status of the vacancies they have applied for by bringing down the Almarai Career site from clip to time.

Why Almarai?
Preserving the rationale that human resources are the built-in part of sustainable growing, Almarai ceaselessly endues in enrolling gifted masters who add appraise to the establishment. The company also centres on rarefying its employees’ skills and heightening their leaders competences. 

Training And developing

To make grow their professional person competences and to heighten public presentation and productiveness at the work, Almarai continuously values the training demands of its employees.

Preparation is a key component part of the company’s human being resourcefulness es developing policy.
Almarai additional concentrated on beefing up the training needs of employees through a lot on-the-job training broadcasts that allowed technical foul and virtual skills to heighten the work efficiency of employees.
Almarai also allows case-by-case training classes for employees at specialized institutes where needed.

For More info To apply Almarai Jobs step step watch below video in Urdu and Hindi Languages. 

How to Apply on-line Jobs watch below video step by step and register you c v with the full details. 

 Work Environment

Almarai has various direction policies to insure a competitory and arousing work environment. These let in the abiding by:

Supporting the occupational role of the employees, and allowing a stalls’ vocation way.
Taking on employee impression follows to amount their occupational gratification.
Appraising employees’ public presentation, and repaying established professing with moral and financial backing.

Acquainting policies to boost employees, and critiquing earnings es sporadically.
Auspicious cocksure communicating one of employees through periodical encounters.
Lending oneself outside occupational safety device and wellness criteria within the work environs.

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