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We’re passionate about enriching the alivenesses of our consumers. For us, work is all about making productions that taste great and are salutary to wellness. We do not call it work. For us, it’s more alike a calling. If you feel the same, we’re all of the time on the lookout station for somebodies who are passionate and dedicated to heightening people’s health and lifestyles. Browsing through the attitudes useable below and if you feel you are a match, we’d like to hear from you.

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Recruitment Process
A job at Al Safi Danone is an in demand chance to work with the better in the industriousness and on high visibility, honored projects all-round the area. Al Safi Danone gets 100s of CVs every day, which carry out careful sort and exam. Here is a legal brief breakdown of the Al Safi Danone enlisting action:
Level 1 : Upon short list the specified candidates; a phone interview is conducted.
Level 2: Personal interview with the HR section at the ASD agencies.
Level 3: Final interview academic session with the referred section head and managers.
Level 4: stately letter of offer presented and consultation checks accomplished.

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Hiring Policies

At Al Safi Danone, our center appraises have all the time been citizenry, creation and passionateness. ASD is an equalise employ chance employer and doesn’t discriminate in any employer/employee relatives founded on race, color, religion, gender, interior origin, age, marital status, disablement, or any other base. Our organisation has a heavy committedness to equalise chance in the work force and considers in caring for citizenry with lordliness and allowing equalise employ and advance chances for all. We value the unique shares that each employee brings around his/her role and we believe the assortment of positions and backgrounds that exist within the organisation a competitory reward in the market. We’re charged to caring for all employees clean, without relation to any features that have no bearing upon job public presentation. CV Tips Based on our years of experience in reading resumes.

Here are a few tips for your CV:
1. Kind guarantee that your CV is typewritten in English. Non-English resumes won’t be counted.
2. Clearly quotation the position applied for in the e-mail field.
3. Please country your email address and your phone & mobile number clear.
4. Your CV should contain the following sections:
a. Personal points, which let in: your name, nationality, email address, telephone
number, driver’s licence position and your current visa condition.
b. Educational activity points: please reference your newest educational stage 1st, the name
of the college/university studied at and the scores / GPA achieved. Also, ensure
that you include the specialisation / major guaranteed while following the degree.
c. Career History: please remark the job statute title, the company worked for, length of
Employ and responsiblenesses undertaken in this period. In addition, mention
your last employ first and then go back in reverse chronology.
d. Achievements: clearly state the achievements and mileposts you have reached in
your employ previously.
Interview Tips
1. Dress in a conservativist fashion – Please be clothed in clean and crease business concern dress up
for your interviews.
2. Be on time – allow for a bit early on to allow dealings holds up.
3. Acknowledge the company and why you prefer to work with us – We like to hear what you know
about us.
4. Maintain optic contact lens – It is a sign of self-confidence and a definite addition in your favour.
5. Have passionateness – Be able to express mail why you prefer to work therein field/industry and what
you do to additional your knowledge (books, blogs you read). Ensure that you have made all the
Details you desired to make, and don’t allow for any points up for effrontery.
6. Reply the inquiry called for – prospects oftentimes do not think about whether they’re
In reality replying the inquiries called for by their interviewers. Make a point you understand
what is being asked, and get additional clarification if you’re unsure.
7. Ask questions – At the end of the employment interview be sure you’ve a few questions to
ask. If the interviewer doesn’t offer you a chance, ask to ask. It reinforces your strong
interest in the job.

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