Akismet Word Press

Akismet WordPress plugin for WordPress websites it’s using for spam blocking comments but its hurt your SEO work spamming is a big problem for online system a kismet WordPress plugin only using for spamming comments, spamming links and its automatic working.

akismet wordpress

WordPress plugins are all automatic working the algorithm workings looks like sing in, Fake comments, pingback.
A lot of plugins online using for blog commenting, creating back links, automatic signup and making signatures for back links but the akisment using to all spamming online for your website controlling by automatic without any work I create a video tutorials for run the akismet wordpress.

Akismet wordpress plugins is very easy way to install just download here and add in your website after installing you need to update akisment plugin API key to run this automation plugin to stop spamming and I create one video tutorial in Urdu and Hindi to get free akisment wordpress plugins API key watch below video step by step.

Akismet wordpress is advanced hosted anti spamming comment plugins it analyzes data form the hundred millions of websites in real time and say good bye to spam comment because you have better think to do. Install akismet wordpress plugin use your API key to activate wordpress installed plugin and start protection you site from spamming.
Akismet plugin free for non-business and personal websites or blogs.
Akismet wordpress easy to mange setting of plugins to stop the free spamming commets. 

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