Education is basic right of every person. It is the key of success and very important for economic growth in the country. It develops a rational thinking. Employee’s efficiency is increased due to education and skill. Without education it is impossible to communicate, read and write.

The present age is technological era. Technology has been a great influenced on all fields of life. It has changed the methodology of education. Online education is example of modern education, that provide via internet. Now it has become one of the most popular alternatives of higher education. It saves the time, cost and reduce the burden of heavy books. Many educational institutes offer online programs. Famous online institutes are;

  • University of Florida Distance Learning
  • UMass Online
  • Boston University
  • Northeastern University
  • Indiana University, IU Online

Online education is very purposeful and meaningful. It has many advantages. Some advantages are given below;

  • Economical:

Online programs are less expensive as compare to traditional education. It can be more affordable option for poor students. Though all institutes are not offered less expensive programs, maybe it is more expensive than traditional education. But more institutes are provided economical education even some offer free of cost. Example of free of charge program is MIT.

  • Multiple Choice for Students:

Online education offer wide variety of programs for students. Now no matter, what students want to study. Students can select the program which they are needed.  They can study from simple career certificate to a higher level of education e.g. doctorate.

  • Flexibility

All lectures and other materials related with selective degree or program is available on institute’s website. Students can access to that material at the any time. So when ever students want to study they can, weather early in the morning or late night. In this way, online education is flexible and convenient for students. It provides opportunity to students to plan their study schedule according to their wish. All of this makes online education is good option for those who want to balance their work and family commitment.

  • Interaction with teacher:

In traditional classroom, shy students cannot ask question to teacher. Sometimes, students find problem after lecture when they study at home. In this situation they cannot get help from teacher. Online education has proved very helpful and removed this barrier. It provide a platform, where every students can ask question via chat which is not possible face-to-face. Students can also participate in class discussion on this platform.

  • Comfortable Environment

In online education, there is no need of any classroom and sitting on uncomfortable chair for many hours. All lectures and other materials provide via internet Students can study, when they are free and comfort. A home environment is more comfortable as compare to traditional classroom.

  • suitable for workers:

One of the basic purposes of online education is provide opportunity to those workers who want to continue their education with job. Workers can easily complete their entire degree while working.

In briefly we can say that online education is suitable for those who want to save money, time and job.

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