5 wierd Smartphones You have never heard of

Smartphones are everywhere and almost
everyday, new devices keep entering the
already saturated market. Popular brands
keep releasing phones and obscure ones
try to take what they can from the market
share, but there’s only one problem —
these devices are practically almost the
same. The specifications may vary and
physically, the designs are different but
they do almost the same thing.
Well, there are few of these devices that
are just innovative, sometimes is a weird
way. These are devices you won’t find on
the shelf everywhere.

✴Vaporcade Jupiter IO 3

This isn’t your regular smartphone and
you’ve probably never come across it. It
isn’t just a phone, you can actually smoke

this device like a vapors. We wrote aboutHere

this device earlier and you can read more
here .

Ben Popper takes a puff from Jupiter IO 3.
Image credit: The Verge / Ben Popper
Attaching the liquid cartridge that costs
about $15 lets you smoke all you want as
you can get up to 800 puffs from just one
cartridge. The device has a 5.3-inch
screen and costs $299.

✴Yota YotaPhone 2

This phone is actually innovative and I
really like it. Have you ever see a phone
with two screens? One at the front and
the other at the back? At first, this may
sound like a bad idea but the company
gave a valid reason for coming up with
this strange idea.
The front has a Full HD AMOLED screen
but the back screen isn’t the regular
screen you see on smartphones. The
secondary screen is a grayscale e-ink
display that doesn’t draw much power.
This means if you’re trying to save some
battery juice, using the secondary display
makes sense for mundane tasks and you
won’t need to fire up the AMOLED display
all the time.

✴Turing Phone

If you think Blackberry Priv is secure,
perhaps it’s because you haven’t heard
about this device being touted as the
world’s most secure smartphone. This
isn’t just about software security, the
device is said to be made of some sort of
weird metal called Liquidmorphium
which is supposedly stronger than steel
and titanium.
It runs Sailfish OS 2.0 and comes with
3GB RAM. It comes with a 5.5 inch
screen with full HD display.

✴Vertu Signature Touch

If all you want to do is just show off how
rich you are, then this device is
specifically made for you. Imagine a
phone that costs $13,700! Well, that’s for
the pure red gold version. You can get it
at a much lesser price of $6500 if you opt
for the calf leather version.
You’re probably asking why anyone
would spend that much on a smartphone,
right? This device is Bentley-branded and
its hand-crafted using premium materials
like alligator skin and sapphire crystal
glass. The body is also made of Grade 5

✴NoPhone Zero

The NoPhone Zero (image credit:
This isn’t actually a real phone but a
useless piece of brick. It’s a phone that
does nothing. No phone calls, no
messssges, no camera, no internet,
We called it the world’s most useless
phone in this article. If you’re addicted to
your smartphone and you’re more than
wiling to break this addiction, this useless
device is exactly what you need.

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