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Google AdWord – A Complete Overview

Google AdWords is one of the viable paid SEO campaign
used by Digital Marketeers all around the world for better profit and
robust network building. This technology of Google has become a synonym
for Pay per Click campaigns. It is is easy to use and promises huge
profit as a marketeer puts it to effect. What is more interesting is
that Google offers free AdWords certification that one may get and

It is indeed mandatory to have in-depth knowledge of Google AdWords
because if beginners are given this task to work with the same, they
may not produce good Return-On-investment for their organizations just
due to lack of sufficient skills and expertise. Moreover, organic SEO is
slowly loosing its ground due to immense amount of competitors. One can
get Google AdWords Certification from Google free of cost by appearing before an examination conducted no other than Google itself.

Google AdWords is something where dedication and
willing to learn attributes play an important role for a person to excel
in online business. Going easy on this technology wont be much of help,
for many people are using it and thus it is necessary to have a good
foresight and keep a track on Google’s latest announcement and

What is Google AdWords and how does it Work?

Google AdWords is an advertising program introduced by Google where advertisers use Google Keyword Planner to look for Keywords used by the online audiences
to search for relevant product and services. Then accordingly the
advertisers place their bids on specific keywords they choose for their
clickable ads so that they appear in Google search results at good
positions. Clipotech already has an interesting article on Keyword Research
that one can read and leverage for a better idea. This is the platform
where advertisers need to pay for running effective campaigns and they
pay for the clicks and that is how Google earns greater revenues from
these clicks. The coming content would better describe you about
AdWords’ working methodologies involving auctions, bidding methods, and
discussing some factors i.e. quality scores, CPC, and much more.

is always important to understand that how important and competitive is
your keyword you are bidding and how relevant is that particular
keyword to real conversions for your organization or environment. Google
AdWords may or may not help you in any case depending on keyword complexity.
For most of the cases, it has been found that AdWords has proven much
effective, reliable, and fruitful for many businesses depending on their
core3ct use of money instead of wasting their assets for wrong or bad
keywords or writing low CTR 0r Click Through Rate or poor

far as AdWords cost is concerned, there are number of factors, which
affect AdWords costs. The cost depends on ad spending, your budget,
location, keywords difficulty, and much more. Usually average cost is
between $1-$2 on search network and average CPC (Cost per Click) is
below $1 usually. If your keywords are very expensive, they may charge
you more like even $50 per click too. Big companies even spend more than
$60 million annually on paid AdWords campaigns. Hence, it is entirely
up to your choices, keywords, and budgets you have.

Working of Google AdWords is exactly similar to that of auctions. Let us have a quick look.

Ad Auctions

auction initiates when user successfully enters a search query. Google
then finds out that whether his query is having the necessary keywords
or not. These keywords are those on which advertisers are bidding at. If
this is true and advertisers are bidding on all or some of users’
keywords, ad auction starts. The purpose of having this auction is to
find out Ad Rank or Ad positioning. Moreover, auction also determines
ads inclusion on basis of quality scores as well as maximum bid values.

after having quality score and ad ranking, Google makes the best use of
this data to find out how much you will be paying against each ad for
each click. This is the major working of AdWords in a nutshell. Many of
the factors are still not covered i.e. alternative bidding procedures,
ad formats, and much more. As we talked above about quality scores, let
us discuss them below briefly.

Quality Scores

score has huge influence over paid search campaigns’ costs. It is just
like your credit score whether you are eligible for loan or not and how
high can be your interest rate on basis of the amount of loan you take.
Quality score has a strong effect on PPC or Pay Per Click
ads performances and the payments you make for each click. It is
Google’s rating done with respect to quality as well as relevancy of
keywords as well as Pay-Per-Click ads. The same is used to find out the
CPC and is multiplied by your maximum bidding amount for sorting out ad
Rank in auction process. The score depends on many factors including
CTR, keyword relevance, landing page quality, historical AdWords
performance of user, and much more.

Improving Quality score benefits

all know that quality scores are of prime importance and they have
direct impact on your ads and campaigns. By having the best optimization
of quality scores, you can have higher ROI i.e. return on investment.
This is because higher quality score values effectively correlate with lower CPC values.
It is certainly not how much you pay per click but it is about how much
you pay when someone acts on your ads as per your needs whether it is a
sign up action or any purchase to be made. Hence, not all clicks really
convert but cost per conversion is mostly higher as compared to cost
per click i.e. CPC.

Advantages of Google AdWords Campaign

There are numerous benefits of having Google AdWords. Few of them are listed below.

  1. AdWords works best as compared to SEO. This is the
    first and the top most benefit one can have. In SEO, you need to have
    proper white hat optimization of you app or website and then results
    arrive within two to six months months and sometimes more depending on
    the content posted. Google AdWords gives you the best insights where you run ad campaigns
    for the said keywords and you are good to go. This has to be noted that
    both of them are effective marketing strategies to take and gather more
    traffic and leads but a well-managed AdWords campaign can perform much
    faster with respect to first position in searches. You can have better
    focus on multiple keywords and ads appear on top with immediate and
    better visibility. No doubt, this does not mean that you should leave
    SEO and organic traffic but you can have better chances to drive
    immediate and best traffic using AdWords. This cannot be done by SEO
    because SEO is a slow healing process and takes time to gain necessary
    authority and ranking.

  2. Brand awareness is made possible at its best using
    AdWords. Traffic boosting, clicks, and conversions are no doubt its best
    features but people promote their brands using this platform. For this,
    Google has its partnership with ipsos and has found out that search ads
    for brand awareness purposes is highest.

  3. Customers reaching using Gmail is also the reason for
    AdWords success. This is most used marketing method for last few years
    where number of emails are generated and sent to clients for discussing
    about products and services integrating native Gmail ads with AdWords
    and making them publically available to advertisers.

  4. Visitors are reached and reconnected immediately
    using AdWords. Suppose, you have shoe shoppers on the website or any web
    platform of yours. The people visit all pages of your website taking no
    actions. You need to remind them again to come back and this you would
    do using display as well as RLSA campaigns. This is based on that what
    is explained in the point below.

  5. Remarketing on display
    and search networks also help AdWords succeed for their customers.
    Also, you can measure your constant performance using AdWords like
    newspapers, TV, outdoors, radio, broadcasts, and related are very
    expensive than AdWords so you can see detailed daily stats using the
    platform with less and affordable costs. Who clicked your ads and how
    many leads came and what revenues were made etc. are some of the
    features you can see.

These are few basic benefits and many of them do
exist including analyzing competitors, exploring ads more, making more
leads effectively, and much more.

How to open Google AdWords Account

you have decided to reach more people around you, you need to have an
AdWords account for best results. To get your AdWords account created,
you would be needing an email account as well as website for your
on-going business. No worries of you do not have a website because you
are good to advertise still on Google using AdWords Express method. You can create your ad in just 15 minutes very easily as you just need to sign up for AdWords Express and then for AdWords.

  1. You need to tell briefly about your business, products, or services in order to setup the account for you.

  2. Just you need to enter your business website or landing page URL for the business you want to promote.

  3. Now,
    open your Google account, you would find recommendation for AdWords
    Express. This would be based on the business you shared before. If you
    want to move with express, go ahead and if you don’t, stick to AdWords
    and continue.

  4. Now,
    you need to create your fist campaign. Here you need to mention how
    much you can spend and choose audience you wish to target. You do need
    to worry about charging as you won’t be charged until or unless you
    complete ad placement process.

  5. A day or more is required to approve your ad and then campaign would start and you would be charged accordingly.

  6. Hence, you decide how much to spend, choose your audience, place your bid, write your ad, and start advertising.

  7. Before
    starting advertising, you need to set up billing also. AdWords billing
    works in different way. You can set up auto payments or manual also. For
    auto payments, you do not need to pay daily, you just need to pay one
    time and set time frame and add funding source. All payments will be cut
    accordingly as per your ad placements. You can control your costs ad
    budget by applying manual payments if you wish to stop or set specific
    time period for payments as per your budgets.

  8. Now, after accepting all terms, you can finish creating ads.
    Now, your campaign is set ad ad is created. After final approval your
    campaign will start immediately and charge will be made accordingly.

above steps are all summarized ones and one can have more features and
recommendations when they make their accounts for AdWords, hence, you
must go through the full guide provided by Google on their website for
better and deep understanding.

Short History of Google AdWords

any other programs, AdWords has a unique history too. The said program
was launched in 2000 by Google. At initial stages, users and advertisers
used to pay for the said service on monthly basis and all campaigns
management would be done by Google itself. To have better accommodation
of the small businesses of advertisers who wanted to manage their
campaigns their selves, Google gave the concept of AdWords commonly known as self-service portal.

2005, it came out that Google started to perform campaign management
service known as Jumpstart. In the same year, Google had a successful
launch of advertising professional program i.e. GAP for providing
individuals as well as companies the necessary certifications after
completing their AdWords training classes.

In 2008, Google introduced Marketing challenge
i.e. Google Online Marketing Challenge, which was supposed to be an
in-class exercise for tertiary students. More than 7000 students from
all across the world from around 45 countries would have their
participation in the said challenge. The same challenge took place in
2009 when more than 10, 000 of then took part and the sequence went on
where 12000 in 2010 and over 15000 took part in 2011 from more than 70
countries from all over the world. The challenge is now running on
annual basis for the period of 6 months i.e. Jan-June.

2013, more plans were added by Google in AdWords for enhancing
campaigns to facilitate campaign management for multiple device users.
This included advanced reporting tools and user-friendly interface.

2016, unveiling of Showcase shopping ads was performed by Google. By
this format, retailers had the best options to choose various images
appearing in search results as per the queries and the keywords

The last update happened in October
2017, when AdWords was finally revised by Google for daily budget caps
having minimum settings at 120% of daily budgets and the maximum of 200%
The change was affected and reflected on the same day right after
announcement having strong criticism from paid searching professionals.
Google announced that this will only take place for few days as short
time and may last less than 30 days having all overage changes to be
refunded back.

Features of Google AdWords

Like other programs, AdWords also incorporates numerous features and services as listed below.

  • IP
    address exclusion – Ad placements can be made better with excluding
    Internet IP addresses enabling advertisers to discard specific IP
    addresses where they do not want their ads to appear.

  • AdWords
    Express – The feature is for small businesses attempting to reduce ad
    campaigns’ difficulty in management by performing the bets keywords
    management and ad placement.

  • Google
    Partners – It is a Google certification program for professionals for
    making their career best and bright and to become AdWords certified.

  • Targeted
    Advertisements Placements – This is called site-targeted advertising
    where ads are placed as per site rules and design. This includes
    placement on basis of demographics, design, content, and much more.

  • Automated
    Extensions- System automatically picks and predicts ads on basis of
    user queries and automated extensions are installed for this purpose.

  • Google Click to Call
    – Users, by using this service can call advertisers directly from
    Google search results page where they enter their contact numbers and
    Google connects their calls to advertisers immediately.

What are the different types of Google AdWords Campaigns?

with AdWords is not possible without a successful campaign. It always
depends on the type of campaign you choose and it always depends on your
goals, objectives, and needs. For example, you want to have your ads
shown on Google search engine for having more visitors to your website
or any web platform, you need to have Search Network campaign type. But
it is just general as it all depends on the need you have and type you
choose. Let us have a quick look at various types we have.

Search Network with display select

type of Google Adwords campaign helps you to have maximum reach to the
people as they use Google or visit sites across the web. It involves
setting budget, choosing related keywords, creating related ads, and
setting bids.

Search Network Only

sane appears near Google search results and related Google sites when
people make search of related terms with respect to your ads’ keywords.
Like, you have a Yoga school, this campaign will show your text
advertisements to high level customers when they will be searching for
related content like pranayama, Asana classes etc.

Display Networks Only

network of Google AdWords campaign lets you reach people when they are
performing browsing of their favorite websites, showing someone’s the
videos, checking their emails on Gmail, or using their mobile devices.
The said network lets you find right audiences showing your messages to
customers at right places at right time.


The shopping campaigns are the best ones to have especially when you are promoting local
as well as online products, boosting traffic to your websites or
landing pages, generating fast leads, and much more. These are shopping
ads in the form of text ads where they show price, photos, store names,
tags, locations, titles, and much more.


The video campaigns are the best ones showing video ads to the customers on the video contents on streaming websites i.e. YouTube or Daily Motion. Video ad formats include TrueView instream ads, video discovery ads, and bumper ads.
IN stream ads run before, during or after the video content. Out stream
ones run on partner websites. Discovery ads run on YouTube only. Bumper
ads are very short video ad formats made to reach people broadly
increasing product and brand awareness. Many people prefer this type of
Google AdWords campaign.

Universal App

last type is universal app, which is an app advertiser where you want
your app in many hands. You can easily promote any of your apps using
this type including search, Google Play, Play Store, Display Network,
and much more.

In conclusion, Google AdWords
campaign, if subjected properly – it can indeed be viable for business.
Moreover, this technology is one of the remarkable marketing tool that
has helped millions of business flourish on the web and move to the
height of Global Leadership.

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