Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones Review

The Jaybird Freedom wireless headphones are finally here. The Jaybird Freedom Wireless headphones are based on the Jaybird X2 and Jaybird Bluebuds X, but with significantly smaller headphones.

What’s in the Box?

The box contains a soft carrying case, operating instructions, headphones, 3 sets of wingtips (L, M, S), and 6 pairs of earplugs, also made of silicone or memory-compliant, available in small, medium, and large.

Then you get a short charging cable, 2 clips for the cable management (super important), and a small clip to attach to your shirt. Not so important. Finally, you will receive the charging case that you need to charge the headphones.

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphone Reviews

Jaybird freedom wireless headphones

Design and Comfort

The Jaybird Freedom appears to be a classic, neckband-style headphone, although it’s special in that the ear cups themselves are made of metal. This is rare with Bluetooth headphones as the metal usually gets in the way of the Bluetooth signal.

Four different colors are available: carbon (black), gold (with white), blaze (red) and ocean (blue). There are also two colors available exclusively for Apple Stores in colors that match the iPhone surfaces Space Gray and Rose Gold.

Each earbud is also incredibly small and light, but really well built and sturdy. They are only a fraction of the size of the Jaybird X2. The size and weight are supported by relocating the battery into the in-line microphone and remote control. But with this design choice comes a rather limited battery life of four hours.

That’s not great, especially since it’s little more than what some truly wireless headphones offer – they’re headphones that are completely wireless. Apple’s AirPods can last five hours on a single charge, while many of the standard neckband Bluetooth headphones offer up to eight hours of continuous use.

To alleviate these battery issues, Jaybird includes a separate charger that attaches to the back of the remote control and can provide an additional four hours. You can also leave the charger plugged in and listen while it is charging, but this adds weight and is not ideal. Fortunately, you can listen to an extra hour of music with a 20-minute charge.

Fit is the alpha and omega of sports headphones. There’s nothing worse than headphones that keep slipping or cables that bounce or get stuck while exercising. But if you want a secure fit, you also want comfort.

In this regard, the Jaybird Freedom covers a lot of the basics. There are several ways to wear them, whether they are inserted directly into the ear canal or looped through the back of the ears and inserted upside down. Then you can choose whether the cable is draped in the neck or hung in front.

Sound and Call Quality

There is a Jaybird MySound companion app for iOS and Android that you can use to customize the sound of the Jaybird Freedom. The good thing is that whatever sound settings you make are carried over to the headset so it follows you to the device you connect it to, and you don’t have to leave the app installed if you don’t want to.

However, you can’t save several different hearing profiles on the headset and switch between them with the remote control. That way, you can have a perfectly tuned EQ when listening to quiet classical music during a run, or tune into spoken dialogue for podcasts, and then make extensive adjustments when you hit the weights and need an extra adrenaline rush. You need to access the app as it is.

The standard out-of-the-box EQ is called “Signature” and is actually quite good for most scenarios. The bass plays a bit quick and easy for my taste, swings into rather booming terrain, but that’s not uncommon with sports headphones. As a result, the vocals can often sound a bit set back and the mids rather thin.

Fortunately, you can choose from a number of preset EQs, some of which are rumored to be Jaybird partner athletes, or you can just set one yourself using the simple EQ adjustment sliders. It’s easier to start with the flat EQ and adjust from there.

Overall, the Jaybird Freedom is one of the best-sounding sports headphones. There is a lot of energy and presence in their sound, so with a little tweaking, it isn’t too difficult to find a sound profile that you will enjoy if you are surprised by their out-of-the-box sounds.

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Battery Life

The battery life of the Jaybird Freedoms is really only around 3-4 hours, but you can technically use them for up to 8 hours with the charge on the charging station. However, it is really unrealistic unless you are sitting at a desk.

Pros and Cons of the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones


  • Ultra-secure fit
  • Good sound quality
  • Adjustable EQ via app
  • Great build quality


  • It takes a long time to find the right fit
  • The wingtips can be a little uncomfortable

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Overall, the Jaybird Freedom looks a lot slimmer than the X2, but it doesn’t fit as well either. The larger buds of the X2 got stuck in your ears and although they were bulky and strange-looking, they fitted perfectly.

With Jaybird Freedoms, you have to rely entirely on small accessories like zip ties and fender tips. Finding a perfect fit isn’t impossible, but it’s definitely a lot harder than something like the UA Wireless Headset that stays in your ears no matter what you do.

The sound quality is decent even with the help of the app, but let’s be honest – you don’t get it for audiophile quality. You get them for fitness.

In summary, the Jaybird Freedom takes a lot of set-up time, but it’s worth it if you need a secure hold for your sports headphones.

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