How to Use Two Headphones on PC? (Wired/Bluetooth)

Regardless of your area of ​​interest, be it movies, music, or games, you need good sound quality to enhance the experience. The headset is an added value for personalized hearing. However, there may be times when you want to connect two headphones to the same computer. How do you have two headphones on one computer? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? At the end of this article, you would get tips to help you achieve this.

Ways On How To Use Two Headphones On PC?

With the recent release of different brands of PC, it is hard to find a laptop with two audio jacks. It was part of optimizing the laptop design. Connecting and using two headphones is now possible in the world of solution search.

The methods for connecting two headphones to PC can be achieved through the following:

Connect via Splitter

A splitter is a device that acts as a solution to the said question above, it is used to connect two or more headphones to one device. You only need to plug the splitter into the audio jack of your PC and you can now listen to music through multiple wired headphones.

If the headphone splitter has two ports for connecting your headphones, it is called a Y-splitter. When it has multiple ports it is known as a multiple headphone splitter. There is no audio delay with headphone splitters. The only downside is that splitters don’t have an extension. You may need to stay a little near your PC.

Connecting with a splitter is one of the easiest ways to fix the dual headset problem.

Step 1: Buy a good-quality splitter.

Step 2: Now insert the connector into your computer. You need to make sure that your splitter has two separate jacks for two headphones and a connector.

Step 3: Connect your headphones to the splitter jacks.

Now select any track from your music library and play it to see if you can get the output you want in both headphones or not.

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Bluetooth Technology

Another easy way to add two headphones to the same computer is to connect your Bluetooth headset using Bluetooth technology. Connecting a Bluetooth headphone to your computer is very easy.

Listed below are step by step tips to follow:

Step 1: Plug a Bluetooth adapter into the computer. If your computer doesn’t have the adapter, you’ll need to purchase and install it.

Step 2: Once the adapter is installed, turn on the Bluetooth headphones so your computer can pair them.

Step 3: You can check that your two devices are paired with your computer. If you are having trouble pairing the devices, and your computer has Windows 8 or 10, click on the “Bluetooth” tab to access the “More Bluetooth” options.

Step 4: You need to “Authorize Bluetooth Devices” and then connect the headset to the computer.

This method allows you to connect two headphones at the same time.

However, you may notice a slight delay in the audio transmission to your primary and secondary headphones. You may have trouble adjusting the volume on your secondary headset.

This method is best for connecting your wired and Bluetooth headphones, not two Bluetooth headphones.

Here is your second method by which you can connect two Bluetooth headphones. This method allows you to connect two Bluetooth headphones to an audio mixer.

Audio Mixer is a device that automatically detects audio and gives you the option to choose which Bluetooth headphones to connect to. There are no special complicated instructions for connecting your audio mixer.

There are several audio mixers on the market. You may need to buy one and follow the directions in the owner’s manual to connect it.

To connect the audio mixer, you need external software, as specified in the operating instructions for your audio mixer. Right now there is no better option that allows you to connect two or more Bluetooth headphones to your PC at the same time.

The audio mixer is a promising device for sound quality and automatically manages the equalizer settings of all connected Bluetooth headphones.

Change PC Settings

This method should work for most laptops that allow access to two headphones. This method is almost the same as connecting a wired headset and the Bluetooth headset.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Open the control panel of your PC and click

Step 2: Once you click to select the “Sound” option

Step 3: There you will get the option “Record”, click on it

Step 4: “Stereo Mix” is the option that you may need to right-click and set as the “Default Device”.

Step 5: Now click on the Lists tab

Step 6: Select the device that you want to hear audio on after checking the box.

Step 7: After choosing your headset, you now need to open the Advanced tab

Step 9: You can now click Apply to save the changes you made

With this method, you can connect two headphones at the same time and play audio with ease.

Note that there may be delays in transmitting audio to your secondary headset.

Use of Third Party Software

You can use third-party software to connect multiple headphones at the same time. This method is easy and often preferred by most users. Regardless of the numbers, you have a lot more freedom in choosing your input and output devices.

The steps highlighted below will guide you on how to use third-party software:

Step 1: Download third party software and extract files from the zip folder

Step 2: Launch the application

Step 3: Now configure the input devices (headphones) and name them as input device 1 and input device 2

Step 4: Select both devices as the output device

Step 5: Try to hear the sound on both headphones.

There are no step complications when it comes to third-party software. Regardless of whether it is third-party software, you can follow the steps above to launch the software and connect the headphones.

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